Fraser brothers make history at Pan Am Games

Photo: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes | Fraser brothers after big win

Cayman’s first-ever GOLD at the Pan Am Games in the 200 m freestyle swimming was won by Brett Fraser.  His brother, Shaune Fraser came in right behind him winning SILVER.

Brett not only won GOLD, but also set a new record for the 200 m freestyle with a time of 1:47:18.  Shaune’s time was 1:48:29.

Brett Fraser won the 200 m freestyle at the NCAA Championships in March.  Now has just added a gold medal from the Pan American Games in the same event, thanks to his win in 1:47.18, which is a career-best time and a new Pan American Games Record. That crushed the old record mark by Brazil’s Gustavo Borges in 1995 at 1:48.49.

In this race, he finished just before his brother Shaune, who is the National Record holder and the more accomplished of the pair internationally. Shaune touched 2nd in 1:48.29, which is also under the old mark. Brett took off with a huge opening 50 (24.60) and rode that all the way to a dominant victory.

Photo: Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images South America

On Sunday Shaune Fraser won Cayman’s first medal at the Pan American Games, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The two-time Olympian swam to a bronze medal in the 100 metres freestyle. He hit the wall in 46.83 seconds. That would have been a new record in the event, but all three medallists finished under the previous record mark of 46.91 seconds.

Brett, finished fifth in the event.

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC) is tracking the Cayman athletes and will be posting the latest update.  You can view the latest update on their Facebook page.

Proud dad Jim Fraser sent CIOC this picture following the medal ceremony

  • Rhonda

    WOW. That is some Good News Tonight. CONGRATS to Brett and Shaune and their parents!! We are so proud of you. Go CAYMAN Boys!!!!

  • Dennie Warren Jr.

    Absolutely fantastic!

  • steve Blair

    Congrats to Brett and Shaune. I knew you guys always had this in you. However let me say one thing. This success is due to a number of things two of which I will mention. FIrst, this is hard work and perseverance paying off. I hope you two guys will be paraded before Cayman’s young people to show them what hard work can do especially on the international scene. We can still be the best even though we are a small nation.

    Secondly, congrats to the parents of these two lads. You have worked hard. Stuck to the plan, Travelled, laboured, spent time and money to see the dreams of your sons come to pass. You got up early in the mornings, while others were still asleep. To you I say congrats and God bless.

    Hey Cayman, we did it.

  • Laura Ribbins- Fitness Connection

    Brett and Shaune- amazing! There is so much to say to you two besides sending a big hug of congrats!!! Jim, Laurice, Dave and others- you must be extremely proud to see the boys victory; personally and professionally.
    Brett and Shaune- the days, hours, effort, workouts, determination, inner drive, sweat and tears, emotions, and more…you two are my heros!!
    We send our love and continued support.

  • C*

    CONGRATS!! Amazing job guys!!

  • nana

    What a moment!!! What a proud moment for the boys; their parents; their schools; our islands!!! Congrats Brett and Shaune!! Congrats!!! You deserve every applause; every word of congratulations!!! You deserve it and our nation clap their hands and say a word of prayer thanking God for you and your accomplishment. You’ve shown us that it IS true that it starts and ends with the home. You boys have been superbly blessed and your parents, Jim and Laurice can be justly proud of you as their children. It is true that the training, discipline, efforts to be the best, structure, love and nurturing begins at home and the church, community, extended family and schools assist parents to raise their children to be the best citizens they can be. Our nation owes you a super round of applause and we thank you both for lifting our spirits and showing us that with hard work, determination, love and support ANYONE boy OR girl can succeed. We thank you and we remember you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We are SO proud of you!! May guardina angels continue to overshadow you and may God’s light and blessings be yours always. WELL DONE!!

  • Charlie

    Congrads guys. Keep up the good work and dedication and continue to make Cayman proud.

  • carl brown

    have been searching around for something to motivate our players and to get them to believe in themselves, knowing that they can be as good as the rest of the world. Thanks guys i am certain that this will do just that. BELIEVE

  • Laurice Fraser

    I would like to personally express our sincere gratitude for the many, many kind comments and reactions given to our sons and family. We are extremely happy and are certainly blessed to provide a very positive and happy moment for our entire community and beloved Cayman Islands during what has been a very sad time with all the negative events that have gripped our nation recently. Shaune and Brett promise, God willing, to continue to exceed on an International level as best as they can for Cayman and send much love and appreciation to all their friends, supporters and family. They hope to visit in November. May God continue to bless us all.

  • Marlene

    Congrats , Shaune and Brett ,

    PV family so happy and proud of you both . Great Job Mr. Jim and Ms . Laurice.
    Should be a holiday when you both get back home .

    Plantaion Village Staff.

  • Colleen Williams

    How wonderful and inspirational!!

    Keep up the good work!

    Go gators!!

  • Dr Juliette Fagan

    Congrats to Brett and Shaun I can recall an interview they did and the statement they both made: We are going for GOLD and it was so funny to hear the younger brother saying it would be a fight lol to swim againgst his bigger brother – well it happened and they are both champs! I am so proud of you guys – prime examples that hard work does pat off.

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