CAL plane hits jet bridge, aircraft grounded

UPDATED: 1 April | 1:20 p.m.

Cayman Airways continued to experience delays Sunday after one of its jets was grounded after making contact with a jet bridge in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

CAL spokeswoman, Olivia Scott Ramirez said, “Cayman Airways Reservations agents have been directly contacting affected passengers who provided working phone numbers for their booking.”

“Passengers with travel plans for today can call Cayman Airways Reservations on 949-2311 for updates regarding their flight if they have not yet been contacted. No delays are expected after today” Mrs. Scott Ramirez added.

Although Mrs. Scott Ramirez initially said Cayman 27 was incorrect by reporting there were 94 passengers on board the aircraft when it hit the jet bridge, she now confirms that there were 45 from Kingston to Montego Bay and 49 from Cayman. The flight is scheduled to leave Grand Cayman to Kingston, then Kingston to Montego Bay, and from Montego Bay back to Grand Cayman.

No word from CAL when the aircraft will be fixed and put back into service.


Cayman Airways (CAL) have now released details of the aircraft that hit a jet bridge in Montego Bay, Jamaica some 14 hours after the incident.

According to CAL spokeswoman, Olivia Scott Ramirez, “the tip of the aircraft’s left wing came into contact with a jet bridge which was incorrectly positioned on the tarmac unknowingly to the marshaller directing the aircraft.”

She adds, “Although the captain detected the brief impact, it was not detectable to the 45 passengers on board, and the aircraft taxied to the gate normally.” We earlier reported that there were 94 passengers on board, but CAL officials say there were 45 passengers on.

“Subsequent maintenance checks confirmed the need for the aircraft to remain in Montego Bay until replacement parts are flown in for repairs.”

As a result, the flight’s onward departure to Grand Cayman was delayed out of Montego Bay, and was expected to arrive in Grand Cayman tonight around midnight.

Other flights were subsequently delayed up to an hour today, and some delays are anticipated for Saturday, 31 March, including:

  • KX108 to Miami, now scheduled to depart at 5:20 p.m.
  • KX590 to Washington, DC now scheduled to depart at 10:40 a.m.
  • KX591 from Washington DC now scheduled to arrive in GCM at 6:40 p.m.
  • KX105 to Cayman Brac now scheduled to depart Grand Cayman at 7:25 p.m.

Mrs. Scott Ramirez says Cayman Airways has been in contact with all affected passengers, but any further queries regarding existing reservations for the affected flights may be directed to Cayman Airways Reservations by calling 949-2311.

A Cayman Airways Boeing 737 jet hits a jet bridge in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The incident occurred around 9:40 a.m., Friday, 30 March.

The plane had just arrived from Kingston, Jamaica. There were 94 passengers on the aircraft. No injuries were reported. After inspection of the aircraft, a ground engineer decided to ground the plane. The aircraft was moved to another gate for repair.

According to an official, passengers were given the option to go to Grand Cayman via Miami on an alternate airline, be bussed to Kingston and catch the Cayman Airways night flight, or overnight in a hotel.

The official says there was minor damage to the jet bridge.

  • Nathan Krebs

    Me nuh know how dis a happen

  • marlene

    thanks to the lord it could have been worse

  • sylvia

    in a crisis such as this cayman airways should be better able to come up with an alternate flight.
    My 13 yr old is at the airport since 7 am and its now 11:21 pm

  • WREX

    Nathan #1. This happened because they didn’t position the jet way on the proper place, there are lines on the ramp indicating where it is supposed to be/or not be. Somebody made the mistake of placing beyond the line.

    Marlene #2. Yes it could’ve been worse, fortunately it was only the tip. Remember where the fuel is?

    Sylvia #3. This is not a crisis, no body got hurt, it was just a mistake by the ground handlers. There isn’t another plane trailing behind the original flight just in case something happens so your 13yr old would have to wait just like everyone else for alternate routing. Believe me, airlines want to get you to your destination asap before you become too much of a responsibility. Next time give the 13yr old some extra money just in case it may have to be at the airport longer than expected.

    These things(delays) happen all the time for many different reasons, be cool, relax, most likely the airlines will try to get you home alive and as quick as they can before you become a liability, having said that, when safety is a concern you(and your attitude) are no longer a priority.

    Remember one mistake can kill a hundred people and affect families for generations.

  • CAL is full of it

    They had my number, three of them in fact, and I received no call. I was on the MIA flight this morning when I went to check in, that was the only time I was told my flight’s time was changed to a few hours later. CAL STOP TELLING LIES ABOUT PASSENGERS BEING CALLED. OH AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR TELLING CAYMAN 27 THEY WERE WRONG, WHEN THEY WERE CLEARLY NOT. AND TAKING 14-HRS TO RESPOND TO THEM… WHAT TYPE OF SERVICE IS THAT? I love you CAL, but you all need to be better communicators. Good thing you have good pilots, although this may have been pilots’ error. You need to get you have your staff call when flights are very late… I’m glad Cayman 27 is always on top of things. Thank you very much and keep up to hard work Cayman 27…. Cayman Airways, STEP IT UP.

  • John Doe

    I agree with the comment above mine!

    Ya’ll got to do better!
    What happen to the days you rent or lease a plane from Miami Air when something wrong???
    Try to do that nah!

    Now Jamaica flight coming back Cayman all 2 am!! WHAT KINDA NONSENSE IS THIS!?
    And Tampa flight coming back at 10pm!! When its usually scheduled for 4:25 or 4:00pm!
    If it was pilot error or not FIX THE PROBLEM AND STOP inconveniencing PASSENGERS!!

  • John Doe

    I would also like to know who the Pilot in Command was..

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