Referendum and good governance

This week’s show focuses on the referendum but we widen the iris to shed light on what some may consider a constitutional crisis in the country. These days we hear words like voting rights, fiscal responsibility and good governance.

For many of us, these words are linked inextricably with those who sit in the seats of the Legislative Assembly, mapping roads for Cayman to achieve success, or so we hope. There are those who believe the way we vote for those politicians needs to change.We will make that decision on July 18th.

In the meantime, people need to be armed with the right information where their voting rights and who should represent them are concerned.

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  • Rae

    It was quite interesting to review this segment of the panel. In my opinion I see no valid reason why we should switch from the current voting system to a OMOV system. Mr. Panton mentioned other countries such as Barbados, Bermuda, T&C etc. having this system and that it works fine for them therefore we in the Cayman Islands should also adapt this way of life. I disagree, what he failed to also mention that these economies are not as strong as the Caymanian economy. We are a strong and vibrant economy leading the Caribbean in every area possible. Why would we and why should we change what we now have if we are leading the race in this region. The other Carribean countries look up to Cayman. We should not be looking to them for solutions but leading them to a better future of their own. Cayman let’s continue to lead and not follow. Vote NO to OMOV.

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