Premier responds to his critics

There’s been one name we keep reading consistently in the headlines: Premier McKeeva Bush. On this show, he responds to his critics.

Since police confirmed three investigations involving the Premier, little else has been talked about on the Island. The Premier has agreed to address the issue, but he maintains there is only so much he can say right now, under advice from his lawyers.

We invited Mr. Bush to come on the show about a month ago and have an agenda to address.
We will discuss what Premier Bush feels his government has accomplished the three years it has been in power.

We”ll look at the economy which Mr. Bush says he’s been able to turn around and discuss the upcoming budget.

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  • Ron

    People need to wake up and see that the removal of our first premier would do more damage in international reputation for the Cayman Islands than any unsubstantiated allegations of misconduct being investigated by the RCIPS is currently doing.

    What it would indicate is a failed constitutional exercise in which the continuing of the constitutional development for Cayman would be seriously compromised, seeing that the 2009 Constitution was not a well-thought out and conducted process to start with between the PPM party and Foreign Office (FCO).

    In prolonging the first investigation for two long years, the Foreign Office, Governor, and Commissioner of Police don’t want to see Cayman put away their political differences and the parties UNITE. The whole purpose of the party system was to divide this island. If they really cared for these island’s reputation and strong relations with the Cayman Island’s government, do you seriously believe they would be so quick to quack the other two investigations to the media without further details.

    I don’t like McKeeva and Rolston too well, but they are on something here, and it doesn’t look sweet.

  • Rae

    Finally someone with common sense. Excellent post Ron

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