Brac dump burns Friday to Sunday


The fire at the Cayman Brac Landfill was extinguished at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.


Fire crews are fighting a fire at the Cayman Brac Landfill. The fire started around 8 p.m. on Friday, 8 June, and it continues to burn today (Sunday, 10 June).

No word yet on what may have caused the blaze, but Kennedy Douglas, who is the fire officer in charge in the Brac, says he believes a spontaneous combustion is the cause.

Mr. Douglas says as of 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the fire is about 90% contained.

All off duty officers were called in to assist.  He said the fire appears to have started on the south side of the dump.

Mr. Douglas said he’s really proud of his team because they are working with limited resources and are doing an excellent job keeping the fire under control.  “It’s not easy working around tons of flies and they’re working in very hot conditions,” Mr. Douglas said.

“I take my hat off to them all,” he added.

Residents say smoke can be seen and smelled all the way to the Gerrard-Smith International Airport, and the fire has made its way close to the main road.

Airport officials say the fire is not impacting airport operations.

Please check back for further developments on this story.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Lord, some disgruntle Bodden Town protestor flew to the Brac and lit the dump on fire!

  • Shayne Scott

    Cayman27, here’s the big news story, do an FOI on the dates of the last say 10 dump fires on Cayman Brac, it will show that they all tend to occur on the weekend. Could the overtime for firemen have anything to do with this? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it is getting to be a little too much for coincidence

  • davoid

    My gosh, let it burn itself out. Someone probably was sick and tired of the flies and smell. Sure, water will eventually put out the fire, but it leaves a putrid slurry behind for the flies to enjoy. Flies win, you lose.

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