One Man, One Vote supporters speak

A response tonight from those pushing for One Man, One Vote, who believe MLA member, Ellio Solomon’s, idea of a national vote is designed to distract people from their movement. Last night Mr. Solomon appeared on 27 Tonight and spoke about the option of giving everyone an equal vote, where each person would have 18 votes.

  • Dived

    Mr Solomon talk the truth .we agree with mr Solomon .

  • William Gardenier snr.

    I think it is a very good suggestion Put forward by Mr. Solomon. I believe it would be better with the national vote. It would certainly give the voter more power over who gets into parliament than just voting for one man. I think we should discuss the national vote further. Maybe a debate should be had on the two issues. I would love to have a say in who will get elected for all districts across the country. All politicians would be forced to consider the country on a whole and not just in each little cubby hole. Cayman Brac would be able to say who gets into office in Grand Cayman and the West Bayers can also influence who get in the Cayman Brac, GT, EE and BT and vice versa. Rather than the OMOV who only can vote for one person in one little area. Why not give all persons across the Country the chance to elect who they would like too see in each district and in parliament on a whole. Once again this is a very good suggestion.

    • Iggy

      And in the US, everyone should have 300+ votes to ensure equal opportunity to have a say in the way the country runs…
      Were you smoking something with your support of this insane suggestion or have you drunk just a little too much of the cool-aid…

  • Gotta be Joking!

    By the comments above in support of this recent stupid position by the UDP and Ellio, two things are evident. (1) People have no real clue how our system of Government operates, so they go along with anything that maybe suggested by anyone bold enough to say it with a straight face. (2) The UDP and Ellio are calling for Cayman to go Independent. This last point really bothers me because that is something Cayman cannot handle or afford, now and in the foreseeable future. Look at what they are doing now; can you only imagine if Cayman was independent?! Can you say, Yes Mr. Dictator!

  • Dived

    Suckoo are you running next election with Austin? then both u dreaming to win

  • William Gardenier snr.

    I think you guys do not have a clue as to what you are saying. The national vote will not bring about independence in this country. Please stop trying to scare the people into believing such garbage. The national vote will be a better deal for the voter and not the OMOV being proposed now. I believe we should explore this option more. If I told the entire country right now that they would have a greater chance to enfluence what candidates get in, in the district of west bay (which is why the OMOV came about, to make change in west bay) then the only way they can do this is via the National vote, for having only one vote in one small area will not give them the same equality. Think about it cayman alll candidate will have to depend on an entire nation to get them elected rather than 200 votes from their family or friends in one small area. Then the national vote is the way to go.

  • G.A. Diocletian

    Weather or not Mr. Suckoo runs for a seat in May or not is now worth talking about. His stand to bring single member constituencies is right. The point is as a tiny Island it is very important that we are close to each of our elected members of the LA. What is important is that we also have workers in the LA, not the EXTENSION CORDS we currently have.

  • Anonymous

    I do not agree with your comments. The people cry now that the politicians are too close to certain members, especially the business sector, and thus are more easily influenced and are corrupt as a result of under handed deals and now you suggest that they need to be closure to their politicians. I believe all the proponents of the OMOV do not have a clue as to what they are saying. They will give any excuse they can lay a finger on, why we need OMOV and all prove to be pointless. They are constantly grasping for straws. They do not have one solid, or should I say, valid reason why we should change the current system.

  • Anonymous

    Also proximity to politicians only breed corruption and not democracy.

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