One man, one vote campaigners not giving up

Those pushing the “one man, one vote” initiative say they’re not getting their hopes up.

That’s in response to the latest from the Elections Office that even if those who say yes or no in the upcoming referendum don’t equal 7,582, government should take the majority result as advisory.

The Elections Office says a non-vote shouldn’t be perceived as a no vote, but one man one vote campaigners say it’s not all that helpful to their cause.

  • Anonymous

    I am not at all for the OMOV. I am still up in arms if I should actually go out and place my NO vote or should I stay at home and vote NO by abstention, and enjoy the day with my family.

  • Dived

    Panton want caymanians stand in hot wither to make him get to be MLA I think people more smart
    Stay home vote no no no no

    • The Jordanian Ambassador

      Dived are you getting paid to make an idiot of yourself ? or are you doing that for free?

  • Libertarian

    I like one man, two votes. Let me explain:- one vote for the one candidate you want to see represent your district, and one vote for the one candidate from amongst all candidates, you want to see become Premier (in this case, President). Why I would like to see the one man, two votes instead of the one man, one vote? For the simple reason that it will give the people the power to also directly remove or recall the President (Premier) if the people should lose confidence in him. Presently, because the Premier is selected from amongst the 15 MLAs that were elected by the people, it is only them who can vote a no confidence and remove him. To me, that is a major disadvantage to our democracy. I feel that whenever the people have lost confidence in a leader before General Elections, they should at least have the democratic powers to recall and remove that leader to be replaced by another one. What will make such a recall system better than the one we have now? The President will be directly accountable to the people and will at least take heed when they are at variance with him on major issues. Today, I feel the Premier pays us no mind, because he knows that his party will support him and no one can touch him until Election Day. So if One Man One Vote don’t pass, I appeal to all those who love democracy to please consider the One Man 2 Votes option.

  • Dived

    Don’t worth answer .

  • Dived

    Panton I don’t see u befor help no caymanian how we can trust u to be MLA

  • Jonathan

    Agree with dived 100 % I say no

    • Kevin Watler

      Jonathan/Dived/Jamaican Caymanian/Sandra shows up as the same person using different names. Please do not try and fool the system. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback on each story. But let’s be fair and if you contribute, please do so in a respectful a way.

  • Jamaican caymananian

    We trust mr bush . Who is Wayne Panton .i dont know him .i know mr bush .i vote no

  • Sandra

    Yau wag wan …….vote nooooooooo sleep don’t go :)

  • Sandra

    Kevin ya man lol

  • Caymanian

    Kevin, can’t you delete these comments? On CNS you have the same person commenting too.

    • Kevin Watler

      Yes I can delete the comments. In fact, before a comment appears on the website I (or one of my colleagues) must approve it. I do not manage the CNS site, so not sure how they handle this type of issue.

  • Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza

    A National vote is the most comprehensive form or system of the election process!
    The majority of people who vote do not want to be forced to vote for someone they do not
    like, nor capable of leading them.
    People want to be free to live where they want to live, i.e. voters and candidates alike;
    and want to feel free to vote for whomever they choose to vote for regardless of
    where the candidates resides.This is true democracy. NO. 1 FROM THE BRAC IS CORRECT!
    he refuses to be forced to vote for someone in his district that he dislikes and prefer not to vote, but prefers to perhaps vote for someone out of his distrtict that he thinks is capable of leading the country or more qualified.
    The one man one vote is far too restricted for a country this size and a small grassroots population. It works better in larger countries with huge populations.
    Cayman simply needs a “National voting” system, nothing else.
    It simply enables the constituents to :-

    -Vote for their premier
    -Vote for their MLA
    -Vote for the Cabinet

    Its not complicated at all! What else are we trying to prove?

  • anonymous

    I hear you had $30million dollars to remove McKeeva, what happened that money ain’t working for you or you not spending it? Where did you get it from which developer wants to get into the cayman Islands so he gave you a down payment on his concession powerhouse!
    Talking too much is cheap.

    The one Man one vote is not the best choice that’s why its failing people see other avenues that are better and we still achieve the same thing.

  • Kerry Tibbetts

    LOL!! Glad that Cayman 27 caught you in the act!! You can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time. like I have said the UDP Disciples are out in full swing all of them ONE and ONLY ONE LONE RANGER!!!! LOL!!!! Different names, but same person, this is so typical!! Try go get a life and stop harassing my country just like the UPD Govt. continues to do!!

  • Kerry Tibbetts

    Mr. Panton, and everyone involved in the One Man One Vote just keep pressing on. Do on give up and do not let them see you sweat. IGNORE THEM :))

  • Jo

    Kevin why this people till cayman 27 what to do .and evry one free to say what he want say we are in free cayman not Kerry and wayne islands this is cayman islands stop this hate we never will vote to Wayne what he don to help caymanians nothing we don’t want more people talk talk we need more people as mr Solomon who did good for us .

    • Kevin Watler

      Jo, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say or imply. Feel free to email me I’m currently on vacation, but when I’m back in office on July 11th, you can also call me. My desk number is 745-0239.

  • Jo

    Kevin thanks you and I just say please keep doing the good work you do in cayman 27 .let evry one say want he want say.thats what u do and I thanks you for it .

  • anonymous

    One thing is clear.
    this OMOV camp has a very aggressive dictatorship attitude. i was chocked to hear Mr. Moxam call Radiio Cayman and dictate to him whose emails he shouldread and who he should not allow to make comments on Radio Cayman, our Radio Station! If this is the bunch that plan on getting elected, you might as well keep Mr. Bush, they are far too bigitive for my liking. Too much dictatorship traits displayed. Not good. they blew it, but look who their leader is, Ezzared.
    Can’t expect the fruit to fall far from the tree.

  • Solomon

    One man one goat lol

  • anonymous

    If someone is homeless, why don’t they ask Kurt Alden or Wayne Panton who claims he has $30 million dollars!
    The Independents and PPM need to find housing for their die hard idiot poverty stricken supporters that keep worshipping these politicians instead of worshipping God!
    They earn big salaries and are good at helping themselves and not the people!
    I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive on a talk show or a forum fighting for OMOV if I were homeless! I’d be in social services offices or trying to packup my stuff to move.

    Common sense!

  • anonymous

    9:28 you are correct.
    Kevin Watler,

    Why is it that you understand what Kerry is dicating to you to delete people’s comments but you do not understand the writer Jo? You seem to be a dangerously biased and prejudice moderator.You were supposed to put Kerry in her place just like you responded to Jo.
    As a matter of fact you look very unprofessional discussing with Kerry how or why CNS deletes comments of persons. CNS is the last tabloid in the world for you to pattern your work habits after. You’r ound to get sued or fired if you adapt their smare campaign tactics.Keep it professioal, don’t get involved with gutter politics Kevin, it does not make you look good or trustworthy..

    • Kevin Watler

      While I understand Kerry’s grammar, I did not/do not delete people’s comments unless they are against our comment policy. Please see our policy here:

      People who also choose not to use their real email address (like yourself) also make it harder for me to approve certain comments. Sometimes there’s one part of the comment I am unable to approve due to legal issues that may surround it. If I can’t contact you to let you know the comment may be considered libel/slander, I will not approve the comment. Some viewers may also have far too many grammar errors in their comment (sometimes I simply do not understand what he/she are trying to say), and would like to seek clarification. As moderator, I must understand all posts before allowing it to appear on the website.

  • Jordanian

    Kevin I think you from the best people we have in cayman 27 thanks you for your hard work .
    Amjed the jordanian

    • Kevin Watler

      Thank you Amjed.

  • anonymous

    You are missing the point. Its not your business who is posting, and they do not have
    to use their name, that is the writers decision and you know it. as long as the material
    is not libelous and they have a valid email, what other agenda could you have?
    are you sharing information?’cause that’s violation of an individual’s
    rights. It can also endanger them making Cay 27 liable. there are some pretty
    shady people out there that have now taken party politics as their new religion.
    Journalists and reporters need to be very careful and not implicate persons unless
    forced to do so by law.

  • anonymous


    OMOV is quite mum on the above subject of truth awakening, I wonder why?
    The Cayman Islands One Man One Vote System is being hotly pursued by the OMOV movers. They have neglected to explain to constituents that the OMOV will establish Political Geography of Immigration Controls for expats who outnumber Caymanians almost 3 to 1 as a Fast Developing Country. It is established that Immigrant populations more recent, have taken over small countries and communities and control political decision making by demanding change of the constitution to allow them to run for office, which is equal to a complete expat take over..
    The OMOV works well in big countries where it is the only measuring stick that can be used to establish and control electoral boundaries. BUT in a very small island such as the Cayman Islands with a very small population of Caymanians ALREADY outnumbered by foreigners, the OMOV committee CANNOT truthfully tell anyone that Caymanians will not give up political power to expats, it will be a rod for their backs especially for grassroots Caymanians. Gordon Barlow’s dream of “Stupid Caymanians” as he described us will finally come true, oh how sad. The true state of the country and its people, ensuring security of job tenure, should be the true concern of every incumbent, and every elected official, not just the implementation a voting system alone of the OMOV one man one vote. Job creation is first and foremost with the Chamber of Commerce leading the way.
    The Chamber is now pushing Gordon Barlow’s dream of an expat takeover by endorsing the OMOV, this alone should convince voters that something is very wrong with the OMOV, as the Chambers job is to “create jobs for Caymanians” which they refuse to deliver on. If there was not something huge in this OMOV to benefit expats, the Chamber WOULD NOT BE INVOLVED.
    Unscrupulous Politicians hungry for power with an initiative hoodwinking you to make it easy for them to get elected or retire in office; as this OMOV will continue to ignore the voices of the people who elected them to office .The OMOV does not change the character of an individual, it only helps him or her get elected regardless of whether, they are responsible or irresponsible, or even legislative material! It is clear that large immigrant groups can indeed “SWING” a national election from one party to another and get their Gordon Barlow elected to office because of electoral boundary control, this happens on a regular basis and OMOV need to be upfront in explaining this to the people… Immigrants will buildup those electoral boundaries under OMOV it is inevitable.
    OMOV is nothing but new wine poured into old bottles. It will not change the minds of constituents who are willing to vote for their favorite candidate or not vote at all if forced to do so, by this OMOV.
    OMOV One man one vote will not make the plight of the Caymanian people any better, as politicians generally think about themselves and their own interest regardless of the voting system, it makes no difference. The OMOV will make it easier for the most “unqualified” yet the most popular candidates to be elected, based on how deep their pockets may be or popularity in their community! Aka as their electoral boundary.
    Will OMOV “One Man One Vote really empower the Caymanian people or is it just a temporary solution to the coat tail after birth?
    Should the 100,000 increase in population really take place, will a Caymanian or grassroots vote really count?
    Would you no longer be needed?
    Would it make sense to vote as a Caymanian, or will anyone miss your vote? After all the Caymanian are only 15,000 to 20,000 strong…
    Would it make sense to vote for someone who otherwise may never get elected to office because you are faced with 80,000 people who have others desires, agendas and needs?, yes 20 +80 = 100, those are the facts. People do not migrate to other countries just to join work forces, they want to run the country too!
    When the demands are made for the constitution to be changed are you ready for a foreign Premier. For they will go back to the same drawing table giving them immigration rights to demand the right to vote and run for office based on time spent in this country, do not be blindsided it’s coming if this OMOV is passed.
    Just because the constitution does not contain the appropriate aspects for expats to run for office today does not mean it will not make provision for them on tomorrow or the very near future, after they have lobbied the EU and the UK!
    Does it make more sense to pursue a national vote for the legislature, the cabinet and the premier?
    The one Man One Vote Makes no sense. A NATIONAL VOTE DOES! it’s like having your cake and eating it too!
    A national vote would indeed allow voters to vote for the individual of their choice and not be forced to vote or not vote for candidates that are not qualified to lead at all
    It is possible that the OMOV system can give birth to electing people who may not be qualified to lead at all. Whereas the consensus of the entire population under a National Voting system will ensure that we elect the best and most brilliant minds.
    Put all pride, and ego aside and be humble enough to accept the better choice
    God bless the Cayman Islands

  • anonymous

    We are not all asleep. There are thousands of Caymanians well aware that something is very wrong with the one man one vote. It’s not as lovely as it sounds.
    This is numbers and electoral boundaries we’re talking here, and Caymanians are already outnumbered.
    Xpats keep asking for more, already they are talking about running for office and voting despite the objection of the constitution! Well guess what they have a plan; they will go back to the same drawing table they lobby to get their immigration concessions and demand that we change our constitution to allow them to vote and run for office based on the time lived in Cayman.
    Currently you must be Caymanian born, and have one parent or two grandparents.
    Xpats plan on bypassing this force the UK to change it because they are greater in numbers, the majority rules.
    The OMOV one man one vote will make it easy for them to get away with this, and they already realize that caymanians do not know that the OMOV will give xpats political power. Its a numbers game, xpats outnumber us all!
    Are you ready for a Jamaican premier? every Jamaican will vote for him or her! Ready for a Communist Chinese Premier, to put at risk our religious freedom? Oh yes, this will happen, the Chinese will claim to come here to build and work and like everyone else, then switch and demand to stay here and interfere with our politics! We need to ask the Premier if & when these people return to China at the completion of the birthing docks? I don’t think so, What about the HIndu, that have no regard for the true and living God? Shetty’s hospital project will bring them here by the thousands too!
    Ready to have a Muslim or Hindu Premier and legislature? Will Caymanian Christians be killed for not renouncing their faith?
    There is much to this OMOV that is a threat to our freedom and we need to stay away from it. The comittee is not telling the whole truth.

    A NATIONAL VOTE IS THE ANSWER and is more comprehensive.

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