Goal line technology may head to Cayman

The International Football Federation recently gave the go-ahead to use goal line technology in its matches. And today Cayman Islands Football Association General Secretary Bruce Blake says the technology may come to Cayman.

  • Jamaal E.

    Why do we need goal-line technology in our amateur bush league? This is idiotic. CIFA need to be more concerned with actually developing Cayman football to a recognizable level not only in the Caribbean but the Concacaf region. Invest the money ,that they claim not to have, into a youth academy and youth national teams. You build a player like you build a house, step by step with patience. You cant expect a player to perform a bicycle kick if he cant make a pass, just like how you cant put the roof on a house that hasnt been built yet. I’m a local youth player and i’m lucky enough to now be playing football in the states. And i can say personally that the interest in youth football is very low here on island. atleast with CIFA. Instead of putting a real effort into building better football players from a young age, they want the whole island to come down to Truman Bodden Sports Complex and watch them lose. The current national team play, as a whole, like amateurs but what else do you expect if that’s how they’re trained all their life. Let’s Instill some professionalism into Cayman football!! Don’t expect to see results overnight either. The various governing sports bodies that have straightened up their act have seen their athletes achieve success…e.g. Kemar Hyman(Track), Charles Whittaker(Boxing), The Fraser Twins(Swimming), National Rugby team e.t.c. hopefully CIFA can get with the program and instill some professionalism in the beautiful game…

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