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Ship decline hurting business

Cruise ship arrivals drop to the lowest they’ve been in more than 10 years. Cayman 27′s Tammi Sulliman shows us how that’s hurting business in George Town.

  • Libertarian

    Despite the firm being sanction by the World Bank on issues relating to corruption, the premier’s office has said it has no issue doing business with China Harbour Engineering Company. They will continue negotiations regarding the cruise berthing facilities in George Town even though the UK and Opposition have issue with them. All I have to say is that the UDP had 3 years to make this right. They rejected DECCO, Royal, and DLF. The Premier has flip-flopped more than once so to speak. He better be right in his judgment with CHEC, because although this project MUST go forward and the UK’s FCO MUST not interfere, we do not need a company that will swindle or con us along the way to economic recovery.
    As we all know, this project is a very important project. Many businesses are relying on cruise lines coming here, and as a result may close down or downsize because the project is taking too long.
    Those who truly love the people of Cayman should all be on board with getting this project done ASAP.
    If its going to be CHEC then let it be CHEC! Country first and leave the two-party politricks alone.

  • kadafe

    we have our government and their procastination over the years to thank for this. they have refused at least 4 companies that i can think of. they are always reactive instead of proactive.
    maybe they will wait until their are no more ships arriving to cayman before building our dock….
    then when hey spend millions to relaunch cayman so to speak?

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