Referendum heats up

The campaign is heating up ahead of the July 18th vote on the future of Cayman’s electoral system. Among those on both sides of the argument are the youth leaders of the two political parties.

Cayman 27′s Ben Meade has been listening to what they have to say.

  • Libertarian

    LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THE ONE MAN ONE VOTE WAS NEVER SPEARHEADED BY PPM! Credit goes to a “people” initiated referendum! So don’t let the back and forth between UDP and PPM fool you. Initially, Alden was not in favor of this movement because he wanted to use the OMOV as a campaign promise in order to get PPM back in. These two parties are responsible for the dire state we are in now! Next time you vote, vote with your conscience, don’t attend to their meetings, put in as many Independents as you can into the LA. You will have a House which will at least debate and discuss issues instead of every man or woman following one leader, not thinking for themselves and standing up for their electoral district.

  • Caymanian

    Richard seems to be advocating for the removal of the UDP. He said that you should change the politician not the system when the country is failing. I wonder if he realises what he is saying?

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