Big Story: Young leaders on Referendum

Young leaders emerging in our community have their say on the upcoming referendum as the discussion continues with those for and against present different points of view on whether Cayman needs single member constituencies.

Richard Christian, the president of the Young UDP will explain why he wants to convince people to say no in the referendum. PPM member, Kenneth Bryan discusses why he thinks you should tick the yes box.

Cayman 27′s Political Reporter, Tammi Sulliman also joins the discussion.

  • Libertarian

    Kenneth Bryan was about to hit the nail on its head: With 18 single member constituency which will consist of 900 to 1000 each, MLAs would be able to sit down with them and better represent them. Under the current system representation is more challenging. Hence, the one person one vote system of single member constituencies, will mean BETTER REPRESENTATION. Also, I would like you to note what Richard Christian just said on his women claims in an article he put on the CayCompass. Kenneth confronts him regarding it and in recording 4:28 Richard defends “that wasn’t my opinion, that wasn’t my viewpoint. It was according to a website that I read”…. I just have to wonder if he believes in what he writes. Because it almost sounds like Richard was just following instructions from his UDP colleagues as to what he puts in the article. Did he really write this article? Or, is he being told what to say and do?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent point Libertarian. Kenneth explained himself confidently. Richard looked a little nervous and didn’t explained himself like he should. It’s a pity Kenneth jump on the ppm boat. Seeing he is a thinker, I was thinking he would have been an ideal Independent candidate. Why in the world did he choose to be on the ppm side and make Alden his leader???

  • Jordanian

    Kenneth is very nice man I hope he run with UDB

  • anonymous

    Why? Because Caymanian men are very weak, that’s why Brian chose Alden as leader.
    They are afraid to launch out into the deep and afraid to lead. All mouth and no action.
    Alden is not suitable for Premier and definitely can not fill the premier’s shoes.
    Can you vision Alden or even Ezzard lobbying business for the Cayman Islands?
    We will go down the tubes like we were in 2009, Mckeeva is the man to create jobs and put Caymanians back to work.
    PPM should put aside partisan politics and consider the needs of the people and stop
    fighting development.
    The Chamber is on board because OMOV is going to screw Caymanians into the ground and empower Expats politically, what a crying shame.

  • dena

    anonymous, just how will the one man one vote empower expats? We are already outnumbered by expats and for your information, only Caymanians, Naturalized citizens, and Status holders are eligible to vote. So I don’t know what you’re talking about

  • anonymous

    Since you outnumber Caymanians then the rollover policy should stay!
    How is it that Xpat and Chamber lobbying has removed everything that protects the wellbeing and employmentg of Caymanians?

    Is is because you are satisfied?
    Or because you are never satisfied?

    You are in denial and I will not debate the issue with you as you are well aware that my statement is true and correct!
    You are the majority and you keep going back to the drawing board to get what you want. You are not satisfied with coming here to work you constantly engage in conversation about running our country!
    This OMOV is a set up by ignorant people like Ezzard and Arden!

    It is pathetic.

  • dena

    anonymous, I don’t know who fired you or step on your toe, but you need get off your butt and take some responsibility for yourself. No one charters your life but you! Stop blaming expats for your economic conditions. You are to blame for your condition. People like you should be supporting the OMOV, because under that system, your MLA would be able to better represent you. Why wouldn’t you want that?! BTW, I am a born and raised Caymanian telling you how it is!

  • Anonymous

    Jordanian, it is not UDB, its UDP! And please before you go and create a scene at a panel discussion (,-one-vote-takes-centre-stage/), remember you are in another man’s country. Listen more than talk! If I was in your country and acted like that, do you think I would be around to tell the tale?

  • Jordanian

    Anonymous i think you cowerd by not saying who you are ..but i was defending my people . About cayman it is my country too and I have love for cayman more than you .
    What u don for cayman just be one more Anonymous and you will stay all your life Anonymous
    Learn to be real man first .

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