Referendum discussion heats up

Both sides of the debate continue to ramp up their campaign vying to convince voters why they should say yes or no to whether Cayman should only have single member constituencies.

Find out more on what people there are saying about the question they will answer on July 18th.

  • anonymous

    Politicians on both sides and center are scared out of their wits to tell Caymanians the gospel truth about OMOV for fear of losing an election for doing so!

    Here’s what they’re not telling you:-

    A National Vote is the way to go! People who have lived or live where one man one vote system is implemented have horror stories to tell Caymanians about how Foreigners have taken over their electoral boundaries because they outnumber the locals and push them out of the state or even their own city where they were born or raised. Ezzard, nor Arden has not lived anywhere else but Cayman and they are not in a position to push this dangerous OMOV down their throats. Neither is Austin nor Gilbert qualified to push it down your throat. The foreign journalists and the Chamber are on board because this is the non-Caymanians dream come through. Gordon Barlow that is famous for name calling Caymanians “Stupid Idiots” may indeed become the first Expat Premier if Caymanians are blindsided by Ezzard Arden and Wayne Panton on this dangerous voting system. You will regret it as you lose political power to Expats! On July 18,

    2012 VOTE “NO”

  • Caymanian

    anonymous, excuse me! foreignors outnumber the locals? isn’t that what is happening now under the UDP administration??? and i understand foreignors with no cayman papers, can’t vote, so what is the big deal with them living amongst your community? sounds like you have something against foreignors, and i personally don’t see a national vote in Cayman’s best interest. UDP brought up the national vote as a distraction to lure people away from voting “yes” because they are scared of not being able to get in for another 4 years. i hope they don’t get in, because they talk so much about development and instead show favors to people like dart. what about the small businesses that are hurting? what about lowering permits fees, duties for all? this thing about wealth trickling down to benefit everyone, is not going to work. it is going to give people like dart more control to manipulate our market. we need commonsense politicians who will look out for all caymanians, not make us slaves for dart and a few others

  • Jordanian

    Capt without ship

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