Big Story: Are two votes better than one?

On 27 Tonight’s Big Story segment the discussion is on “Are two votes better than one?” Well the premier certainly thinks so.

It’s no secret the premier and his government are set against single member constituencies. They actively campaigned against the referendum and celebrated when the votes failed to meet the trigger point for change. But the premier says he’s listening to the people and is suggesting a different electoral system.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller joins Cayman 27’s Tammi Sulliman to discuss the latest on the national talking point at the moment.

  • Pat

    ha! look at Ezzard’s face! I have to admit, if you play with fire, fire will play with you. McKeeva is going to retaliate, and I know that I am not going to be between them. He is going to target Ezzard as well and bet is, he will do to Ezzard and Arden just like what Ezzard said on air. He is going to make it ever difficult for any of them to get a seat in the LA. Let’s just say that if you mess with fire, fire will mess with you. Now its big Mac’s turn :)

  • NJ2Cay

    Watching this I actually had to laugh, it is so obvious that Ezzard simply hates Bush so he will be against anything Mac puts on the plate. What the Premier is suggesting is actually a good idea and will create equal representation across the Island, the only problem here is that it will most likely shake up Ezzard’s little kingdom up in the Northside and may put that hefty Paycheck he gets in jeopardy.

    He is definitely showing his true colors for everyone to see. I can’t wait to what happen when he and Arden join forces to convince the people that this is a bad move for Cayman. I also can’t wait to see how their personal News Service reports on this with their own Anti UDP, negative twist..

    Is it me or is his face actually Red…?

  • Jordanian

    Ezzard still wearing omov shirt poor him he still thinking about it lol
    He know he failed lol that make me happy thers anther one we want win that elction

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