Premier: Expats to pay tax

Premier McKeeva Bush tells Cayman 27 work permit holders will have to pay a payroll fee of 10%. He’s calling this a Community Enhancement Fee. The premier says his government has no choice but to levy the fee on work permit holder’s pay as the United Kingdom is demanding what it calls a sustainable budget.

This fee will be applicable to all work permit holders in the private sector who make $20,000 or more per year. Click here to view a statement from the premier

Cayman 27′s Tammi Sulliman and Donna Bush explores this in greater detail in this segment.

  • Clutching at straws

    not so cleverly hidden agenda. Expats can’t vote, Mac knows from the referendum last week that he isnt so popular amongst the electorate, even in his own district so he imposes this anti-expat initiative to make us think he is pro-Caymanian so we will vote for him.


    • C.Bush

      You just can’t seem to want peace in my country. try go find soething todo, accept CAUSE WAR.

    • Caymanian

      it’s bout time that non-caymanian give back to the island. In the past millions or should i say billions have been sent out the country by expats, they only come to cayman to squeeze as much as they can out of cayman and then go back home and live like a king, why we the locals have to live with the left overs. I am born and rised caymanian and I am happy that the government realize that the expats was getting away with murder.

    • BYE BYE

      I am already over $400-$800 in the hole each month working in this country paying the high costs of living for housing, food prices, and gas. I have nothing left now. Take away another 10%, I have no choice but to leave. I take nothing out of this country as far as money goes.. I bring in a lot of money in just to survive. Your country just is not worth this – sorry. You really make it clear just how much you do not like expats.

  • Steve

    This better be some sort of joke…more money in McKeeva’s pocket, I don’t think so.

  • Charles Stone

    If expats that make more than $20,000 are needed for a sustainable budget. I guess that makes us citizens. Otherwise this country couldn’t exist with the UK, right? I’ll take my passport and status now. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      In fact… that makes me more of a contributor to this society and country than its own citizens as they are not taxed to sustain their own stability with the UK???!!! I want my Cayman papers now!

  • Joe normal

    I’m pretty sure this a contravention of several human rights articles. If you are going to introduce a ‘tax’ to the cayman islands it has to be for all or none. Not just a select few.

    Perhaps Mac has been let off a prison sentence for introducing this bill, Done a deal with the UK to save his hide?

    Who knows………..

  • Why

    Cue a lot of people leaving cayman. There are approximately 16,000 caymanians…. That’s like 20% of the population????? Is he actually nuts. So many people will leave…. And on another point he will make caymanians pay tax after he wins the election,because majority of the expats will leave. Bummer for cayman all downhill from here….

  • You don’t need my name

    Does this apply to Permanent Residents I wonder? Although a work permit is not required a fee is still paid on a yearly basis and it’s still considered a “work permit” to most people.

  • HOJ


  • Anonymous

    I thought there were International Rules about this sort of thing. The UK is going to allow this discrimination? Caymanians have their slave labor to save their country from being excommunicated from the UK while they laugh in their tax free life? Even if Caymanians or the rich were taxed in different percentages they would all be contributors. Instead they think they are a higher class? Or just “Mkeee-WAH?” does? I’ll be gone within three months of a tax just because of the discrimination.

  • A Expat

    I hope this money will go towards fixing the roads that are constantly causing me to have to pay 10% of my income in car repairs each month. That, and they’d better give me the right to vote.

  • mr biggest

    Make them pay they made the money out the country for years

    • mr zenophobe more like

      Them? Not all expats are in the financial services! Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, Dentists, Emergency Services, Supermarket staff, Cleaners…any of these been of benefit to you at all?

    • tulips_forever

      Simple Logic- if you are being taxed…
      1. you should be expecting something out of it benefecial for you and the country..i.e health, education…etc which is the basic benefit of a person paying tax…
      2. since it is for the country all citizens must be subject to it for this is benefecial to all…you cannot simply impose a law saying..”you are subject to tax for this country because I say so…
      3. If an expat is making money in this country it is also an expat’s company whose making that happen, how many caymanian owned company do we have that employ expats..technically none
      4 It is this expat’s companies that make this country keep going because of the increase in their WP fees…imagine if no one will apply for a Work Permit…..
      5 if expart make money in this country…expats have also contributed for the economy of this country….

  • Pat Ex

    Better not be true. Are the work permit fees the employers pay not excessive enough? How about not wasting stupid amounts of money on new schools that should cost a quarter or less than is being paid for them? How about not giving away left right and centre? If anyone is to be taxed on income, it should be everyone, not only work permit holders. Make it fair. Locals should also have to pay for ther sustainability! What a crock of bull from Bush!

  • Peace Out

    There goes I’d say half your xpat workforce within 6mo – 1yr.. Cayman Islands welcome to your economic collapse. I’m not going to contribute to a government where i have no rights, and no benefits… Give me my papers and rights and i’ll think about it. If not oh well, this island is on the decline anyways, and it’s not a big shock as to why when you look at all the hair-brained decisions coming out of the government. I’ve been here 7 years and still no dock!! Idiots. Well, they’ll have brought it upon themselves.

    • Dave


  • Bethinking

    10% is a very large number. CI is going to lose a lot of workers over this one. He did not think this one through. The current downward spiral has increased velocity exponentially. Amazing how I thought Government was at an all time low and now it gets even worse. Why not through in a $100 CID exit fee when we go shopping in Miami.

  • SAFA Joe Cronk

    I am going to Australia……I am going

    • MJ

      Dont go to Australia either that’s where you will pay taxes every month the 20% is charge out of your salary

  • Annonymous

    Anyone for a bit of ridiculous short-termism?? On the plus side, I hear the income tax (which is all this is regardless of what label it is given) in Bermuda is less than half of this rate so a quick hop up there for all the expat talent (taking with it the huge spending that takes place in the Cayman economy by this group of people), followed by the business generated and maintained by that group, should do wonders for the economy here… Maybe the government should stop wasting money on buying votes and use that cash to balance the budget instead.

  • Canadian Girl

    Will additional community services be provided with this “community enhancement fee” or will ex-pats simply be subsidizing the rest of the population?

  • American History

    Taxation without representation. American war of Independence came about for this very reason!

  • I knew it

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Mac. I feel that he is demanded by the UK to impose tax. But as usual he’s not saying that, remember they have sent their man in to do the budget. And don’t forget once already they have already tried to demand tax and Mac said no.
    They were also in cohoots with the US a few years ago talking about their citizens that live and bank here are dodging taxes. Well this is the first way that the UK will make sure that the salaries of our UK friends who live and work here are not tax free anymore.

    They probably gave him a choice of taxing salaries or a general consumption tax, and he chose to do it this way, as people will not say that he was forced to tax, they will say he taxed them so they’re not voting for him.

    When I heard that TCI was getting a VAT I knew we would be next. No surprise to me.

    • This was not his only option

      Surely civil servants should be made to pay for their medical insurance? How many millions is that a year?

    • Greg

      You have this backwards, “I knew it.” Bush wanted the tax in 2009 and the UK government said “no.” Get you facts straight!

  • McEvil

    and with that.. there goes the country!!

    This country is going to the dogs. Who will want to live here or invest here?
    I wish i never bought property here!! I’m going to lose soo much money to this corrupt government!!

  • A guy

    This better be a joke.

    Expats and companies can’t continue to prop a Cayman economy faltering because of an inept government. This will drive business out of Cayman, no question.

  • Anti Bush

    Community enhancement fee…yeah nice one Mr Bush. Back pocket enhancement fee more like. I’d be very surprised if this ever got off the ground. The business world – the only reason this place isn’t a 3rd world nation – would put up massive opposition.

  • linda

    oh god what an idiot this man is, if that is the case then i wan all the ex pats not to come to cayman to work and then watch cayman spirall downhill so fast, if it was not for the ex pats cayman would shut down, one rule for one should be for all, that is discriminiation, absolute crap

    • Chamchamp

      Which county in the world can you go to work without paying any Taxes? If things were so good where you came form ..then why are you here?. All of you come here and make a decent living and don’t want to contribute anything to these beautiful islands.

      How can the Government pay the Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Police and Civil servants…How do they Maintain the roads and Street Lights…just to name a few.., if it is not making any revenues…The money has to come from somewhere…You have to pay the cost to live in Paradise>>.

      Whoever don’t want to pay…then the airport is open seven day a week…

  • Anonymous

    You must be joking? Target expats to make up for Government over spending? I would have less of a problem with a 10% tax if I had the right to have a say on how the government spent it’s money, ex THE RIGHT TO VOTE! I accept that being an expat living in Cayman is a privilege. But I am here in Cayman because I am experinced in what I do and that there is a need for that skill set here. Why expats are willing to live in a place where the cost of living is VERY expensive, basic education for expat children is VERY expensive, everyday essentials water/power are VERY expensive, is we don’t pay taxes. That is what makes up for the other costs. You can not tax one group in a society and not the others!!!

  • Joe johnson

    HA the cheek of that, i knew this was coming, now we cant even ask our employers to reduce our cayman wages to below $20,000 to cover rents and pay the rest offshore to some Islands hold on, may as well suggest this to our employers pay my salary onshore and give me a living wage locally below 20K and i am good, tax that fact cat…

  • Anon

    This is a mind boggling measure for the government to be considering – an ill thought out plan to paper over the cracks of poor leadership and terrible budget control. Everyone knows that expenditure is the issue over here, not revenue. Whether Caymanians are fond of the status quo or not, it remains true that the expat working community are the backbone of the finance industry in Cayman. Actions like this may not alone encourage the human capital talent to move to competitor jurisdictions but it will certainly take a giant step that way. Were it to happen the Cayman economy would be crippled as a result, and in turn the good people of the Cayman Islands would go from one of the wealthiest Caribbean islands by GDP to very much worse off. Expats and Caymanians have a symbiotic relationship, where they rely on one another, and for the most part that relationship is not alienated and very friendly. Wedging a fork between the two communities is a hate tool, and a tax like this could be devastating to the future prosperity of the Island. Don’t think that the poor government is merely doing as it’s being asked by the UK, if the government had their house in order and didn’t fall into defecit so often there would be no suggestion that Cayman should follow into a tax system like Turks & Caicos.

    It would be great to see Expats and Caymanians unite against this – in truth it’s in everyone’s interest to do so.

  • theELEPHANTinTHEroom

    He has to start with the permit holders cause if he did that with Caymanians it would really hit the fan. No matter what Mckeeva does the majority of Caymanians won’t agree with him. Plus this isn’t all up to him, the UK wants a “sustainable budget”so this is a quick solution I am guessing. With that said to tax the work force that fuels the economy doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. When they leave who’s gonna work at the fast food restaurant and do all the menial jobs??

    • LENNY

      Just like taxes in the states once that money gets good to them, they will then
      impose it on everyone- greed will bite these Islands in the rear end.

  • B Bob

    is it April 1st already ???????

  • i saw it coming

    Even though i do not support the UDP. I agree somewhat, but it should be to those who are making $50k and more!!! They are the ones who are living in lavishing homes and driving luxury cars and their company pays for it all. They can afford to give us %10 in return to be living in one of the BEST COUNTRIES in the World.
    $20k is nothing nowadays to want to take away something.

    • CMN

      The choice in coming to live in Cayman is usually a job offer or diving. The knowledge of it being tax free is a huge benefit to ‘expats’ and caymanians alike. I can name a number of countries that offer a lower tax on earnings and as a country are rated in the top 10 BEST Countries to live, as they have a lot more to offer you as a resident, unlike Cayman. I wonder if this is why so many Caymanians choose to live abroad ?!?

    • Steven

      I lived in cayman from 96-01 and would hardly consider it the best country in the world. Nowhere near the top 10 even. Cayman offers nothing more then good diving and a tax free economy and sun. That’s it!! Housing, utilities and groceries are insanely expensive! There isn’t even any clean fresh drinking water on the island. It used to be a very safe place, however when I returned for a week long visit to a friend last september there were 5 murders in 5 days in west bay!! To say that Cayman is on a downward spiral is an understatement!! Taxing only ex pats is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. The only thing that keeps Cayman from an economic crisis is the contribution of ex pats and the UK.
      Caymanian’s should smarten up. You need Ex pats far more then they need you!!

    • Expat -Confused

      So only expats ride around in expensive cars, really? Did you say that with a straight face. I temp here in the Cayman Islands and ride the bus to and from work. I know many Caymanians who make considerably more than I do, who live in fancy homes push Audi like they cost $100 and they are not being taxed. These funds will in no way enhance my quality of life, no health care or education for me, but I should pay?!!!

      FYI-Bahamas, Bermuda or the BVI, don’t have any such taxes! Maybe businesses should follow Fidelity and send business out of Cayman, and then they’d be more appreciative of what expats bring to the table.

  • annoyed @ the amount

    i dont have a problem with the tax itself , its the amount of the tax that’s ridiculous !! drop it to 5% and then it will appear less of a travesty than it is.

  • Agnes Wainwright

    McKeeva, as usual, up to No Good! Instead of discriminating the expats, he should go ‘beg’ Dart to meet the expectations of the UK for a sustainable budget. He sold his soul to Dart who now owns part or nearly all of Cayman. Even WB road is owned by Dart to turn it into something that will benefit Dart. So McKeeva gets benefits by selling patches of Cayman to Dart, which he won’t let go of. But when someone is stepping on his tail he turns against the expats. Yes, I am a paper caymanian but I would never vote for a thief like Makeewa. Let’s manifest ourselves! Everybody, Caymanian and non-Caymanian let’s join together and protest! March down the streets demanding that McKeeva resign!

  • Fedup

    Crazy crazy crazy! How disappointing! I admit, the tax rate where i come from is considerably higher than the 10% but why target expat workers. cost of living here is high enough why impose tax for certain people living on the island. i came here with the intention of staying here to live and now my mind is thinking otherwise. Government is just a bunch of fat cats with too much time on their hands and too much money to play with. We as expats dont have much rights and the right to live here is getting too expensive.. bills are getting higher and income is getting lower. I see now why caymanians leave and go elsewhere if they can. Time to rethink the future… Good Luck Cayman!

  • Donggle

    I think he woke up in the wrong side of the bed. The blackout has affected his decision making. Bring back the lights!

  • Michelle

    This is pure nonsense!!!The cost of living alone in Cayman is crazier than any where else so where is the justification. Work permit fee etc is going in government pocket what do they do with all this money. This is a downright scam and the island is screwed. MacKeeva not so long ago was giving away status anyone that even smiled at him now he just screw expats. Hes a fool and needs be taken out power. The money is paying for silly trips for him to Panama!!Step down and be quiet!!! I have no rights here cause I am an expat and have to put up and shut up!! but you are taking my money for a community enhancement fee and rollovers.. Yes we appreciate this is not our home and we have come from somewhere else but we are here contributing via working here paying rents bills groceries events restaurants bars all put back into this economy. So what now….it wont be just the expats that suffer in the end.

  • Whatever

    OMG I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that stress anymore. The expats fuel that country in everyway. We aren’t corrupting the government, spending aimlessly, have a high tolerance for violence, Expats don’t have a voice, a vote or a sense of security, its very expensive to live or invest there????????????????????????? Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh ya, where is the dock, wouldn’t that solve alot of the financial problems?

  • Donggle

    No more dining out
    No more boat trips
    No more drinking at clubs
    Tighten your belts

  • Logical

    This is a caymanian country. They can do what they please. Expats will definately leave. But I am sorry for the country. I think Mckeeva need some experts. Who ever gave you that advise to tax private sector expat means you no good or the country. Please seek professional persons who can assist you to balance the budget. This country is full of Chartered Accountant, Mckeeva, use them up. I beg you.

  • community division tax

    Gradual decline of Cayman but immediate impact will be felt immediately if this is adopted. All expats getting out right away is not realistic. small businesses may well indeed pack up and close and move elsewhere. Services will decline. Financial Services and tourism will reduce hiring here and increase elsewhere. Cayman will struggle to attract the right people for the work. Local business, just trying to find its feet and barely hanging on will suffer a serious decline.
    Not only are there not enough Caymanians, much less qualified Caymanians to fill jobs lost but that’s irrelevant as the positions and the companies will be elsewhere, not here.
    Social resentment amongst expats and Caymanians will increase because of the tax but also because there will be fewer jobs for Caymanians.
    Cayman needs to think very carefully about the repercussions of such a step if it is not going to reduce other costs of doing business here.
    And you will actually find most expats are fond of the island and the people and the culture, such that it is, here and do not seek to water down or be detrimental to any of that. Also, they would like to raise a family, as does any human being in a safe secure environment in a society into which they contribute and belong. This is not incompatible with defending Caymanian jobs, heritage, rights.

  • Caymanian

    I see some Caymanians are happy about this. I’m a Caymanian and I actually have the sense to look ahead and see that… CAYMANIANS ARE GOING TO START GETTING TAXED.
    It may be less than the 10% but it’s going to happen. The expats are going to stop coming to Cayman for one, and two, some may leave… and Cayman STILL needs money and the only other place to get it at that point would be from the Caymanians. So don’t be all proud and happy about this because we are next.

    Common sense isn’t very common.

  • LOL

    The plus side is that Cayman Airways and other airlines are going to have a boost in sales as the expats leave.
    THEN the government will still need money and realize that the only people left to tax is the Caymanians. Therefore..

    Dear Fellow Caymanians, don’t get too excited. Think about it logically and you’ll see that we are next. Sincerely, Another Caymanian.

  • Last one out

    Last one out turn off the lights … i gone

  • Christian

    Here’s a idea get the police force to inforce traffic laws, increase their Fine for speeding, and have caymanians pay te insurrance fee renewal, permit registration and tag, just this already will bring you some money…and control the employers who take advantage of the EXPATS by not applying for the right working permit so they can save some $$$$. Mr. Mac is a wise man the Human Right will be in effect as of the 1st of November this year…great strategy…watch for the VAT that will come soon too. I agree with the majority here gave me the right to vote with that 10% , I made the choice to come on this island…with this senseless action you are not giving me a choice…so do have to stay…Mac you’ re not digging in my pocket for cash….

  • Young Caymanian

    Interesting, why now Mr. Bush? As a young Caymanian I’ve been working in family owned company that follows all the necessary rules and pays all the ridiculous spikes of fees to the government and still get pushed around and bullied, while most back yard businesses just cut corners that screw over pension and insurance, and pay their employees nothing. Why not follow up on that issue and stop make shady deals and trying to cover up your failures. Any Caymanian who wants to agree with what hes doing is not seeing what the big picture is. Lets see what happens when qualified people leave and see who will step up then. Because from what I seen and experienced, we don’t have enough Caymainans qualified or willing to cover and fill in positions. Am waiting to see when I will taxed.

  • pas

    I smile and wonder, do these people really know what they are doing? that 10% that is being taken away from the expats was what they would have used to buy food, go out, and support local businesses. So what do we have now? they are naturally going to support local businesses less because they dont have any money to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so Businesses will have to close. Smh. Cayman is doomed if this goes ahead!!!!!!!!!!1 trust me on this one.


    Expats have long been paying the taxes here, i.e work permit fees etc. Yes most of the employers pay this fee but they take it back from the employee over the course of the year in reduced rate of pay.

    It’s a violation of a person’s civil right to impose a direct/indirect tax on a particular group of the population without representation.

    Government needs better fiscal management not more taxation to solve it’s cash flow problem.

    The idea of the luxury $100.00 p/p exit fee to go shopping in Miami versus on Island is brilliant and should be implemented ASAP.

    Why wasn’t this on the recently held referendum to get the population’s (Caymanians) input?

    A 5% sales tax (VAT) would yield a lot more revenue over the long term and is a much more sustainable idea.

    I could go on and on about revenue creation but I’ll stop for now.

    What Mr. Bush and this government needs is thinkers, not consultants around them. People who are capable of thinking wayyyyyy outside the box.

    I’ll leave you with this last thought. There’s an underlying conspiracy to get rid of a certain portion of the expatriate population off Cayman in lieu of another. It’s nothing short or discrimination and racial profiling! Go figure!
    One Love

  • noname1989

    Honestly, why doesn’t the U.K government require Bush and his minions to take a pay cut? What would Cayman be without work-permit holders? I remember seeing an advertisement for a personal chef for Mr. Bush back in 2010. Why is our government paying these clowns for doing absolutely nothing but spend money our country really does not have? They need to cut expenses!! So what is Mac and his administration going to do with this money? Our whole government is corrupt and screwed up. We need some intelligent and ethical Caymanians running this country, because it’s obvious the ones in office now are lacking both!!

  • Expat!

    Mc Keeva did Dart tell you to do this?? or does Dart need the money after messing with Greece….Also how come Cayman are complaining about UK, USA and Canada..where are kids going to school??where ye going shopping? Where are all the businesses from that set up here and the skilled workforce here that want a 9-5 job and long lunch breaks and easy as possible how will they care of all these jobs and the jobs you have to work holidays????Who will do the jobs that Caymanians find ‘below’ them!! and also how many Caymanians have UK passports..hmmm! I am very confused!

  • Kevin

    How about change the requirement that Ex-Pats entrepreneurs require a Caymanian 60 percent shareholder and allow them to own 100% of the companies they build from the ground up. I would rather pay the govt. an annual 15% gross revenue profit. In my case I owned a business on island for 3 years. When the business began to flourish my Caymanian partner got greedy and pushed me out to reap more profits. I left the business and was cheated out of my fair share. 6 months later it was run into the ground and has since gone bankrupt.

  • Economics

    If you support this measure then you really need to go back to school and learn about economics. If this gets implemented you will probably see about 5-10% of the expats leave within the first year. So lets say 3000. Do you really think that Cayman can replace those numbers in 1 year, with the immigration laws that currently exits?? If a country this small loses that number of expats in 1 year, the whole economy suffers. To start, there will be a large number of rentals vacant..what do you think will happen then? Owners will have to slash rents to attract those who stayed behind…and even at that there will still be a large number of rentals empty. If you can’t rent your apartment then your mortgage doesn’t get paid (or has serious problems getting paid). Also, try selling a house in that market…the housing prices will sink, giving a large number of rental owners upside down mortgages.

    Think about the local businesses. Waiters/Waitresses/Bartenders can’t afford another 10% gone from their wages…so they leave…who do you think will wait on the tourists?? Tourism will take a huge hit

    So when all is said and done…the government will have to start taxing the local Caymanians just to “keep” the current services…never mind any new ones.

    I (and my family) for one…will be long gone before that happens.

    • Christofah_r

      I am glad to see that someone is looking at this from an economical stance!

      However, beyond the intrinsically Keynesian ideology that this is…. it stems further from pure economics. It comes to political discourse. You can not have a social democracy without tax. You can not have a welfare programmes and like with out a social democracy. So what Cayman needs is a staunch fiscal conservative party to arise, and set aside these issues. If Cayman cut the size and scope of government, and allowed a capitalist market to thrive we would not be in this issue.

      You should never tax earnings, as this causes the consumer spending to dwindle. If you must tax it should be on consumption. A sales tax, or restraunt tax, or hotel tax would have been a better solution.

  • Hahaha

    Not going to happen. Can’t just turn tax on, this will take many years to implement.

    • LOL

      You may want to retract that statement friend… its being implemented in the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

  • Caymanian…

    Again, I am cautioning Caymanians not to read the comments being made on CNS, Cayman News Service. I know Cayman27 may not want me to post this because perhaps they have friends on that side, but rude are being made against the Premier and insinuations by these commenters. Even comment rating is very unusual. How can you have one comment being opposed by over 100 thumbs down and no reply to it. That is very ususual and Caymanians who are visiting this site, need to seriously wake up and see that it is being used to DIVIDE cayman and create havoc in our society. Something is not right with CNS and it is time Caymanians realize that it is being used. I know of many times, sensible comments being made by others and their comments are not being posted. Practically all the comments being made on the site is politically motivated to portray a status quo. So I am appealing to all Caymanians visiting this site to tell others about the inconsistencies of the site, because if it can be used to protray a status quo imagine the damage. Caymanians, be wise and take care of yourselves. Not everything that appears to be is what it is. From a Concerned Citizen

  • OH MY MY!

    Are they Kidding!!!! especially nowadays with this ridiculous cost of living, light,water,rent,food,Gas etc.
    This is clearly the beginning of the end for these Islands and this is just the start. I think if they are going to Tax then they better start to sort out some of these utility companies with their outrageous billings and poor service to accommodate the costs of living here, otherwise i can smell a very big EXODUS.

  • Expat XY

    Where are the Millions of all the PostBox Companies gone? They have to pay each year to be situated here 1000 CI to the Government. I read that there are 300’000 of these companies here. so the gov. Gets 300’000’000 a year!!! 50’000 of these companies are mutual Fonds they have to pay 3500 CI a year. 150’000 of these companies do administrational changes to their structure which costs an additional fee. The Government could give 1’000’000 to each caymanian and would still have more than enough. if the tax Haven dies, all that money will be gone soon with the expats. Caymanians watch out, your Gov robs you!!

  • Fair is fair

    I’m on vacation now in the states. I don’t think I’ll even bother going back get my stuff.

    What a major idiot. CU

  • Ali G

    Is it because I is expat?

  • Ee

    I am a security guard my pay is 5ci per hour to make enough money to survive i need to work more than 170hr in two weeks. Neither my company nor government think about to raise the base salary.and government still want 10% as tax from that money it very ridiclious. About pension already loose two years pension as holiday. Can gov think anout how the low level expart os working?

  • Concerned visitor

    Another ridiculous idea from MB. He introduced the roll-over policy on work permits that lead to a drop in the number of ex-pats. Why should an ex-pat come to Cayman and make any long-term investment (buying a property, trying to set-up a business, etc) if he has to leave after seven years?
    Now this. Remeber that ex-pats live at both ends of the wage scale in the finance industry at the top and in hospitality (cleaning, etc) at the bottom. If these people go, who is going to keep your offices, restautrants and shops clean? And if the high earners leave, who is going to be eating out in the restaurants?

  • R

    I sincerely hope that, should this be accepted by legislature, that there will be some “give and take”. Its a two way street, and as a person with no rights and no voice in the country, one would hope that we would receive some incentive for this tax. I have spent almost seven years here now, my life is here, I call this home, but I have to think about shipping out next year when permits/extensions expire. I spend my money here, I see the doctor here, I shop here, I pay my bills and have paid +- 60,000 dollars to mostly Caymanian landlords in rent. I work my butt off and I dont send my money home, I spend it here because this is where I live. I give back to society, I volunteer for community work, I speak highly of these Islands and its good nature and good people.
    If you are going to tax me, then let me stay and pay tax, and let me keep giving back to the country in more ways than just money. But give me the rights of everyone on the Islands, I should be able to have opinion on who spends my money and how. Cayman knows that without expats it would be a flat rock selling coconuts. My problem is that, if I get kicked out in a year, I will get replaced by another expat, who now has to start all over. Who knows nothing. Who would Cayman rather keep?
    If I am going to start paying taxes before this country lifts a finger, if you would like me to live in union with its local citizens, if you want me and the other 20,000+ expats to keep paying rent and enriching society, if you still want me to go to the home for the elderly to feed them on Christmas while their families have forgotten about them, if you want me to keep giving donations every Saturday outside every store, THEN PLEASE GIVE ME SOME RIGHTS and RECOGNITION as a person who can make this country better, instead of thinking that I am taking away from it.

    Expats already support this country financially, you dont need to be half smart to recognize that.
    Look at your neighbour, your doctor, your accountant, the person standing next to you, the one serving your food, the one cooking your meal, cleaning your house, fixing your car. 40% of the population need some rights too…..

  • El Jefe

    I wonder what 30,000 angry people would like in Mr. Bush’s front yard? Maybe we should find out…

  • Darquise

    As a teacher, and providing a needed business… I will leave. This is the icing on the cake.

  • Donggle

    Exit strategy mode….This is an example of in your face discrimination!

  • mike

    10%, 15%, 25%, 50%… can’t see too many expats willing to make long term plans or invest in the islands now. the hurdle to get status from permanent residency now includes the government losing tax revenue. once the government spends this money, come election time they will be giving away more, its how politics works the world over. caymanians cheering now should do so in the knowledge that when the expat tax is no longer enough the money will come from those left….

  • Low-paid ex-pat

    So when we all leave as we can’t afford to live here (and much like comments earlier – this will bring repercussions such as the housing market falling, the tourism market falling, all to the detriment of Caymanians), I assume the Caymanian’s will be rushing to fill the jobs ‘unfairly taken from them’ by us ex-pats. Well, good luck with that. I know that a number of the international companies I deal with on a daily basis will be thinking twice before dealing with Cayman when they have to experience workers with the level of English Grammar shown by “Caymanian”. Bright. Yet all his problems are my and my fellow ex-pats’ fault. Try going to school and getting back to me on that one. I also hope you can afford to house yourselves without the subsidies to Caymanians which will also dry up when we go to less xenophobic countries.

    Caymanian Wednesday, 25 July 2012 2:29 pm
    it’s bout time that non-caymanian give back to the island. In the past millions or should i say billions have been sent out the country by expats, they only come to cayman to squeeze as much as they can out of cayman and then go back home and live like a king, why we the locals have to live with the left overs. I am born and rised caymanian and I am happy that the government realize that the expats was getting away with murder.

  • Canadian

    My husband and I both make less than $20,000 per year but we are still completely against this idea! We already pay taxes in Canada since we can’t rely on any stability in the island to cut off all ties from Canada. The Cayman dollar has also gone down 6 percent since we first moved here, allowing us to save or visit home almost never. We already pay insane amounts for rent, groceries, health insurance to name a few. Since we have been here Cayman is becoming less and less desirable of a place to live. Add a 10 percent tax and watch more ex-pats leave, services becoming more terrible and more expensive than they already are, and we have no reason to stay. Companies (ex: restaurants , movie theaters, retail) will all have to increase their prices to make up for the customers they lost who are now forced to pay that to the government. Everywhere around me I see businesses closing down here already. Now business owners will need to pay 10 percent more in wages to attract the same level of skilled workers and remain competitive with other countries. I’m am so sick of Caymanians who think that just being from here is enough to get them a good job. Sorry, but the people who are spending their hard-earned $ here (mostly tourists) are accustomed to much higher standards and level of service than most of these self-righteous, big-headed Caymanians can offer. Overall, I am disgusted with Cayman already. Time to move back home!!

  • Low paid ex-pat

    I look forward to the international companies currently dealing with Cayman having to deal with the type of literacy shown by ‘Caymanian’ in his/her comment. No, I do not believe that all Caymanians are not qualified or intelligent enough to do the jobs which ex-pats do, but I do agree with ‘young Caymanian’ (and some others’ comments) that Cayman does not have enough qualified people to replace the ex-pat community. I also agree with the fact that once we all start leaving, which we will, you will then also lose your housing, importation and tourism revenues. So, ‘Caymanian’ (Wednesday 25 July @2.29pm), I doubt that you either applied for the job I currently do well, or would have been capable had you done so. In fact, you sound like one of the many ignorant people across the world (not solely Cayman) who expect things to fall in your lap without having to work for it. I’m already looking at a different property to rent as I will not be able to afford a further 10% on my salary, so my current landlord will be out of pocket if he cannot re-let the property (it is on a Strata with high maintenance fees, and therefore the rent requested is quite high just to cover that). Everyone is already losing out. But, ‘Caymanian’, at least you will be pleased once we’re all gone even though you won’t receive your subsidised housing, food, etc, to ‘rise’ your children with, as there’ll be no money going into the coffers.

  • Kath

    The Premier’s assertion that this is a UK mandate and not in his control is disingenuous to say the very least.
    This proposed tax is unethical and highly discriminatory. To those who say it’s time expats need to “give back” are misguided. Many of these foreign workers come from countries which have an income tax. In return for paying these taxes they receive services from the government. In countries like Canada and the UK, they receive things like subsidised education and free healthcare. They come to Cayman and obtain employment. They pay the same high fees we all pay for utilities, goods etc. but, they also have to pay for their healthcare and the education of their children. They don’t get a free ride when they come to the Cayman Islands and many of them are STILL paying taxes in their home countries.
    I agree with Mr. Miller’s assertion that expenditure is the problem. I think of CINICO as a prime example. Many years ago, the government decided to make healthcare free for civil servants but, they did so with no consideration for how the government would cover the costs of this. Today, we see the inevitable breakdown of the current health insurance scheme and wonder why it is such a burden on the Cayman economy.
    Mr. Bush demonstrates time and time again that he is not capable of leading this country and it seems those who can influence economic policy are providing very bad advice or simply being ignored.

  • NJ2Cay

    My Complaints about Bush have been few and far in between. But this is simply a play for political gain, I am sure he knows this will not fly but what it will do is gain a lot of support from those who cast votes, which are not expats and actually outnumber the business owners that vote. He will drag this out until after he is reelected and then drop a bombshell on Cayman that the UK has forced a tax on the entire community.

    This is all part of next year’s Campaign, I don’t doubt for a minute that there will be taxes, but it will not be on only Expats. There will also be a school tax soon, because those mega schools will cost a lot to run.

    This is a direct result of the lack of new revenue generating businesses and the super high cost of government, but what tipped the bucket where those super expensive schools and that fancy Government Administration building, both of which Cayman could have done without or did in a more reasonable way, that money should have went to doing something about the GT dump like WTE and building highways that Cayman needed, if it had been, there would be no need for the For Cayman Investment Group or the upcoming income taxes ops I mean Community Fees.

  • Expats Push Back

    Dear Expats

    If you want to show the true economic value you bring to this country and the local businesses organize a “shut down Cayman day”. In essence it is a pre-planned day where all expats avoid spending any money. Don’t go grocery shopping, don’t fill your car with gas, don’t go to the hardware store, don’t go out to a restaurant or a bar or a movie theater, don’t get a haircut or go to a salon, book your dentist/doctor appointment on a different day, if you have to travel that day try not to use Cayman Airways, anything that you would normally spend money on don’t spend it that day.

    If businesses complained about the economic impact of not being able to sell liquor on referendum day imagine the impact if all expats stop spending money for one day. Any day (except Sunday) would work but if you want to make the biggest impact pick a Saturday. This would surely provide government (and Caymanians) some insight as to what a life in the day of Cayman would look like once all the expats have left.

  • Business Owner

    Thank you Cayman,
    It’s been fun. But no more. Enjoy your 15th century laws. I will be taking my business and 112 employees to another more welcoming country.

    Enjoy serving yourselves for once.

  • Anon

    Cayman, like so many other countries, has an Over-sized Bloated Government that cannot be sustained as is, so – instead of cutting 500 Over-Paid Under-Productive jobs (of MB’s cronies, family, friends and vote-supporters) he’s passing a law to unfairly tax 20 000 other hard-working people.

    Once a tax has been implemented, it’s SO easy to just raise it every other year or so… 10% becomes 12, 12% becomes 15, etc. And guess where all the businesses who deal with business in Cayman go to? – to Other tax-havens where the cost of business isn’t as exorbitant.

    SO the ones who pay tax can’t vote, and the ones who vote don’t have to pay tax…
    Amazing – anyone else ever heard of such a system ever having been allowed to operate in the world? Cayman really is a law unto itself – with a ‘religious’ (note: Pharisee-ical, not Christ Follower) thief at the helm.

    And the additional tax for employers to hire “Caymanian Dishwashers”..? Surely IF there were enough Caymanians applying for this sort of job, no company in their right mind would’ve hired expats for it anyway (due to WP fees, etc.) – will this tax on well-run companies (as opposed to badly run FAT government agencies with NO accountability) actually change WHO is willing to apply for these kinds of jobs? I think not…

    I don’t believe in a Them and Us mentality – not here in Cayman where people from all over the world have merged together pretty well since the first human stepped foot on this island – but Bush is making it so. Basic ‘DIVIDE and conquer’ politics, anyone? MB knows he’s losing support so this is a last ditch effort…

  • Cay345

    Canadian listen up.

  • Ren

    LOL……….. i was looking forward to asking for a raise from my employer. Now i think i should request on getting my pay to be on border line < 20,000/-
    This is insane. The tax is going to hit a bad blow on every ex-pat. We need to stand up for such unjust done unto us.

  • Steven @ Canadian

    wow, you sound like some self-righteous and big-headed Canadian. well if that’s how you talk in another man’s country farewell … we are happy to see your kind go ;o)

  • Nicholas Scaife

    To all International Business in the Cayman Islands that will have to pay the new 10% Payroll Tax. Come to Bermuda and enjoy the Sun and Rum! You are welcome here and we are open for business.

  • Local

    Are you kidding me? Surely people realize this is just the beginning of taxation for all. It has to come. Even introducing this ridiculously thought out
    “Enhancement Fee” will not solve the problem. And why should only the expats be responsible for the mess our local government has put us in?? You tried “rolling” them over……that was a bad idea… now let’s keep them and tax them instead!!! And PLEASE Caymanians, get off the “they deserve to pay…(for whatever reason)”, bandwagon because when your wagon breaks down and the wheels fall off, whose going to fix it for you?? Sorry, the Caymanian has gone fishing……….and I’m dead serious……..and I’m local, but not afraid to look in the mirror and face facts.

  • Donggle

    What if I earn $20,001, Do I get taxed 10% as well? Help?????? Should tax state in excess of $20,000?

  • Amazed


    The exodus begins. This closes the book on Cayman.

  • Young Caymanian

    Im sooo fed up with this island now, if it isn’t one thing it’s the next. Now for expats having to pay for tax it isn’t fair to them nor anyone to pay tax on this island. Remember, expats leave their country to look for something better, some have to come by boat and some have just a plane ticket and no where to go! But remember who are the onces that is building this community right now!??? Because they are the only one to be kissing peoples rare ends. Remember expats are the one people is being abusing right now having them work for days/months with out pay, and sadly even dropping down on there job with STILL NO PAY !!!! ( SECURITY WORKERS) I use to do security work and the amount of work and no pay that is poor service or even being underpaid and overwork with no sleep.. Nobody knows what expats are going through, because they are looking a way out. Caymanians are the lazy ones right now because if they had the ambition to go and look a job for their self they would be better off right now. But no they expect people to help them, when people do help them they abuse the system. i am a young caymanian and I picked up and i manage to find myself a decent job, but the bills that you have to pay when the time comes, groceries, rent, light, water, ectt we are alll BROKE!!!!!! What part of that people do not see in this day and age??? Really, i thought this voting thing mean that we are voting for someone to run our country but while there running our country come to us as a community and ask for our advise and see what we feel and let us debate on what we want to do for our country. Not for someone to jump up and SCREW us over anymore than we already are!!!!! Seriously now THE WAY I SEE IT EVERYONE NEED TO VOICE THERE OPINION ON WHAT MR. MCKEEVA IS DOING TO OUR ISLAND, IN TERMS OF THE CHANGES, IT’S NOT ONLY HIM WHO SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE TO SAY I AM DOING THIS AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT…. PLEASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • Fed Up

    And this is the type of ignorant attitude that gets you no where………remember, everyone has a voice and a right to say how they feel. Grow up nuh!!!!!!

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