More revenue cuts

In order to get its finances in order, government is also making other cuts and changes. Among them are selling the police helicopter, which the premier says is simply unaffordable for Cayman, and will save in excess of $1.7 million.

Newly recruited civil servants will have to contribute to their pension and health care costs and existing civil servants will have to pay towards their health care costs.

Spouses of civil servants who enjoy healthcare from CINICO will now have to pay for that coverage.

  • anonymouos

    Did you all hear that. The UK is really trifiling with Caymanians in trying to get our Premier
    to hurt us with removing these vital services so desperately needed in an economic downturn period such as what we are living in. The UK should be ashamed of themselves seeing we have so many people here on work permits, Caymanians have no jobs to pay rent, nor mortgage, and the elderly and disabled need those services as there are many heads of households that are now unemployed and the entire family is suffering.

    The UK nor the governor is on our Caymanian side. This you need to understand, the Premier is on our side fighting for our rights to exist and thank God for a man like Mr. McKeega Bush.

    The UK has truly shown their ugly colours. They have nothing good in mind for us.


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