Video helps convict drug smugglers

The RCIPS Air Operations Unit has released video of the moment Marine Unit officers intercepted a boat packed with ganja off the coast of Grand Cayman.

The footage is taken from the police helicopter surveillance camera in November 2011, where it shows the boat getting intercepted as it travelled from Jamaica to Honduras.

Although the boat was hiding in the dead of the night and with the engines on low, police sneaked up on the vessel.

Earlier this month 5 men, from Jamaica who were on board, were jailed in relation to the importation and possession of more than 600 pounds of ganja.

  • WillB

    Is Cayman27 always this late with all its news coverage, if you notice this police video was taken some nine months ago on Nov.01st 2011 (left bottom corner).

    • Kevin Watler

      The conviction of the men on the boat just happened this week. Hence the release of the video and us doing the story again. This time we have video from the police chopper, which helped to convict the men on board the boat.

  • davoid

    Do not sell the chopper.

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