MLA: Bring on the projects

East End MLA Arden Mclean says his district is ready to welcome the right types of development with open arms. But he adds it’s important that the people of East End are also able to reap the benefits.

Cayman 27′s Ben Meade has the story.

  • Jordanian

    Thanks for mr bush and UDP for brining such projects no one should get credit only them
    Eazzard and athers was agents it . That’s the truth . People know that .

  • anonymouos

    Now Gene Thompson & Arden McLean please explain what is meant by Mr. Gene Thompson saying Caymanians will get construction jobs from the first phase of the project? So who will get construction work from the other 99% remaining part of the prroject? Hope its not foreigners, we are up to our necks with this work permit cheap labor scam!

    Hope Dr.Shetty nor Gene is planning on bringing in more Indians or Philipinos to finfish the project, this need some serious addressing. Dart do not need to be building no apartments to compete with poor people in East End. Arden please investigate this and also what Gene means about first phase employment for construction workers? Who gets the remaining phase of the project?

    I have a Problem with this

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