Professor: Don’t be upset

UCCI Business Studies professor, Dr. Robert Weishan, says expats should not feel so hard done by the proposed Community Enhancement Fee. Dr. Robert also says expats benefit from some public services.

  • anonymouos

    The Police department should be one of the highest revenue generating arms of government
    if they are truly doing their job.

    Problem is, no one seems to know why they even exist. there’s something called police financial campaigns. How else should you get paid? Are you kidding me, you eat all day sit in the cafe all day getting fat the the public must raise your money? GET TO WORK!

    Here’s some help Baines:-


    Driving without Insurance
    Reckless driving
    Faulty vehicle/Unsafe Vehicle not road worthy
    SPEEDING should at least raise $3 per annum!
    LITTERING public roads/streets, public places. NEED STRIC ENFORCEMENT $500 fine keep Cayman clean! and not make it into a ghetto!
    Driving without a Seat Belt
    Driving with Children unstrapped in seat belt posing danger to lives.
    Driving using cell phone
    Driving while eating
    Open alcohol bottle in vehicle
    Fine for insulting a woman’s modesty – citation for verbal abuse

    The RCIP should be able to pay for its own helicopter and pay staff if they truly were doing their job.

  • anonymouos

    I meant to say NOT $3 BUT $ 3 MILLION at least. or perhaps more….
    RCIP SHOULD RAISE AT LEAST $10 million dollars if they are on the ball.

    I hear no complaints from the judiciary about lack of money, they must be
    living like kings and queens over there? What’s their annual revenue?
    just curious

  • anonymouos

    That right profession!

    Where have all the comments gone, ? can’t stand the truth?

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