Premier confirms “fee” off the table

Honourable Premier McKeeva Bush confirms with Cayman 27 that the Community Enhancement Fee is off the table and will not be implemented.

“At our public meeting on Wednesday August 1st at the Sir John A Cumber School Hall I stated that the Community Enhancement Fee would be taken off the table if robust, credible and sustainable revenue that did not hurt the poorest members of our islands was found,” Mr. Bush said.

“We are satisfied that many of the commitments from the private sector will meet these criteria,” Mr. Bush adds.

See statement here

  • Andrea Alesea Martinez-Caldero

    I wonder what new MOU has been signed now and who with? Not the Premier of Bermuda for sure! 

  • NJ2Cay

    Nice to hear but look at the damage that has already been done, he should have meet with them prior to putting this on the table. However it is posible that he had to resort to this in order to get them in the game..

  • Apprentice101

    Mr. Premier you stated that the Community Enhancement Fee would have be taken off the table if there were found better Alternatives to replace it. If that is the case, why then did you choose to FIRST place the Community Enhancement Fee on the table? Wouldn’t it had been more prudent to inform the public of the budget crisis, and then ask for Alternatives before muttering a mandatory tax-like fee on expatriates?  This shows to me and to the public that there is little thought before making decisions of policy and legislation – an embarassment I must say to citizens who rely on party leaders.  

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