McLean leaves PPM

Arden McLean sent out the following letter this morning:

Arden McLean

I have today tendered my letter of resignation from the Peoples Progressive Movement (PPM) to the Political Leader of the PPM and Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Alden McLaughlin.

Notwithstanding my resignation, I remain fully committed to the political future of the Cayman Islands and in particular the welfare of my constituents in East End. I believe that I still have much to offer my country and will endeavour to continue to contribute in a positive way as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for as long as the people of East End are willing to give me the privilege of serving them.

My decision to resign was not arrived at lightly. While I have noted with some surprise the statements made to the newspaper by Mr. McLaughlin, my departure from the PPM has nothing to do with any decision on my part to further my political fortunes. I have concluded that the important business of the people of East End and the country that remains to be done can best be accomplished independently of the PPM

I look forward to working constructively in the House and elsewhere for the greater good of all who live here.

May God continue to bless and keep us all.

  • Apprentice101

    Thank you Arden for being the first to splinter from the two-party system we have in the Cayman Islands. May others follow the path Cayman use to be, a coalition of indepedents that debated and made rational decisions for the country. Thank you for being independent, standing alone, and representing your district and not a party!  Because both parties have failed to declare their platforms and what they stand for. Both parties fail to provide enough options since only two choices are permitted on the ballot. Both parties have created a divide in the Cayman Islands since the 1990′s like I have never seen before. Both parties have contributed to this economic mess, spending thoughtlessly for votes and in order to get re-elected.   

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