Government to present budget Friday

UPDATE: The following is a press release from the Office of the Press Secretary to the Premier

In addition to the revenue measures announced as alternatives to the Community Enhancement Fee, Government is proposing increases to other existing fees to further improve Government’s revenue for the 2012-13 Financial Year and beyond. Along with the increases, a proposed new licensing system for Fund and Corporate Directors will create a new revenue stream.

The Government is proposing to increase the annual fees for Exempt Companies by $100.  Issuing of certificates for a company, filing of a company document, company certification and express service for certificates, certification, filing and registration and re-registration are slated for a $25 increase.

Annual Fees for directorships under the Companies Law are earmarked for the following increases: Securities and Investment Businesses increased by $500; Regulated Entities increased by $300; and all other directorships by $100. Company Managers and Trust Services are both listed for increases of $100. A variety of CIMA fees are also among the proposed fee increases, ranging from $100 to $800.

Proposed amendments to the Companies Management Law will create and implement a new licensing system for Fund and Corporate Directors. At present these Directors are not licensed or regulated. But once the 2012-13 budget and the Amendments to the Companies Management Law are passed by the Legislative Assembly they will have to pay the fees detailed in this revenue measure. The proposed fees range from a low of $500 for one directorship per director to a high of $25,000 for 100 or more directorships.

These measures are in addition to the revenue measures that replaced the Community Enhancement Fee, namely: increased bank and trusts license fees, work permit fees, tourist accommodation tax, departure tax, master fund registration fees, traffic regulatory fees; exempted limited partnerships; imposition of a stamp duty on certain property insurance policies; reverting to the 7.5% stamp duty on land transfers; and implementing fees for non-commercial boats.

In all, these revenue measures and those measures that replaced the Community  Enhancement Fee are expected to earn the Government some $90.46 million during the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Original Post

Government plans to present its Budget Address and Throne Speech on Friday (17 August), but does this mean the budget has been approved by the United Kingdom? That’s the big question.

We do know members will go back to the Legislative Assembly on Friday the Governor delivers the Throne Speech and the Budget Address is presented. It does sounds like we have an approved budget, but have not been able to confirm that as yet.

During the annual Throne Speech government outlines what it hopes to achieve within the next fiscal year. Governor Duncan Taylor will give a breakdown for all government ministries, portfolios and departments.

Now the waiting game begins to see if the budget is approved and if is just what has been cut from the budget and what revenue measures will be put in place.

  • Apprentice101

    Governor to give his Throne Speech and yet Budget not Approved?  Sounds contradictory, because if it’s not approved, more than likely the Governor will be making a significant DECLARATION to the country. 

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