New challenge for Facebook group

Cayman United, the group that arose from the Facebook group Caymanians & Expats United Against Taxation, has a new name and a new challenge to conquer –getting people involved in government.

Cayman 27 crews spoke to Cayman United member, Eden Hurlstone, to talk about their goals.

  • Apprentice101

    Eden, will this facebook group allow freedom of speech without censoring?  The reason why I ask the question, is because I noticed there were certain comments removed from the group Caymanians & Expats United Against Taxation that wasn’t in harmony with the groups mission. Presently, Caymanians can not post comments on local sites without these comments being censored. Some are censored because they do not share the same political persuasions or outrightly attack the group management. How I see it, so long someone identifies him/herself on facebook, they should be able to freely express themselves without being censored by those who are managing the group. Thought your team may want to explain to the public to what extent the group management will contribute to democracy and freedom of speech. What are the rules?  If there is a moderator, just who will be moderating the comments?  etc…

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