Warning to have a legitimate business

The Department of Commerce and Investment advises all companies and individuals that they must have a valid Trade and Business License to carry on business in the Cayman Islands.

Under Section 26 of the Trade and Business License Law (2007 Revision) the following is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of CI$5,000 or imprisonment for 12 months:


(a) Willfully makes a false or inaccurate representation to the Board;

(b) Carries on or attempts to carry on without a licence a trade or business which is required to be licensed under this Law; or

(c) Being a person to whom a licence has been granted under this Law, carries on a trade or business in contravention of a condition or restriction contained in such licence.

The Trade and Business Licensing Unit will be carrying out inspections of business properties to ensure they are in compliance with the law.

The Unit is located in Government Administrative Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town, and can be contacted on 945-0943 or licensing@gov.ky.

  • Apprentice101

    Although a ”license” is needed to grant permission to do business and engage in business, to allow an activity that would otherwise be forbidden, it is hurtful to know that it requires Caymanians paying a fee, which many people can’t afford. How can you be so harsh as to fine someone $5000 dollars or imprison them for 12 months when the cost of doing business in the Cayman Islands is so high?   

  • QueenEstherII

    Hopefully Mr. Bush,
    Hope government is looking out for the little man here. Is there a peddlers or vendor type license that  the poorer merchants can utilize at a very nominal fee that will help them stay in business and make money is these tough times where everyone seems to be unemployed while people continuously are imported into this country making the lives of our Caymanian people miserable.
    It must come to an end.

  • QueenEstherII

    Its time you businesses hire Caymanians.

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