New O.T. Minister for Cayman

Henry Bellingham is out as the Overseas Territories Minister. The decision was made as part of a reshuffle by British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Mark Simmonds a former U.K. shadow Health Minister will now take over. Mr Simmonds was appointed on Wednesday.

He was previously a member of the shadow health team when the Conservative Party was in opposition, but missed out on a role in the coalition government after the 2010 general election.

  • QueenEstherII

    UK wants a more hands on approach?

    This means they are enshrining themselves into our constitution and
    reducing our powers and to put it simple. This is some sort of direct
    rule but very subtile in deed.! It’s the UK slave master mentality, they will let their territories go so far and no further. since Cayman is definitely proven to be a competitor of the UK in the financial industry and the Premier is the greatest threat to the UK making Cayman a Las Vegas in the Caribbean or another World Trade Financial center, the UK is not only jealous, but also vindictive, cunning and crafty

    Stop jumping to conclusions, read the fine print!.
    They are putting the brakes on our progress with this so called hands on approach!

    • Realistically

      Cayman is tiny compared to the City of London, UK. It’s real competition is Hong Kong, which it created and nurtured, where UK banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered are considering moving to. People in Hong Kong are still reminiscent about the UK’s rule there 15 years after they left.

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