Rescued Cubans seek political asylum

Six Cuban men and three women face an anxious 3-week wait to see if their bid for political asylum has been successful.

Nine immigrants were picked up by a cargo ship and brought into George Town by the Marine Unit after their boat developed engine difficulties off the coast of Cayman Brac.

They are currently being housed at the detention facility on Fairbanks Road awaiting the outcome of their applications.

“They have all been interviewed and they have requested political asylum. We’ve managed to interview all of them. their interviews are going to be translated into English now and will be assessed by myself and the chief immigration officer to determine whether or not they qualify for political asylum,” Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Gary Wong, said.

Back on June 28, Cuban nationals who made similar applications had their requests for political asylum refused and they were deported back to Havana.

  • QueenEstherII

    It was reported that some of these refugees have cholera. This is not to be taken lightly.
    What is the minister of Health saying to the public about our safety from the spread of this disease, and how are they quarantined?
    Can we hear from you Mr. Mark Scotland?

    • Cayman 27′s Kevin Watler

      I have contacted Immigration and they confirmed the refugees were checked out at the Cayman Islands Hospital and released before being taken the detention centre.

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