Police chase and nab teen for stealing car parts

A man has been arrested and is currently detained in police custody in connection with the theft of car parts.

On Monday police said since the beginning of September, 13 theft reports have been received by police. They issued a warning people who own or drive Honda motor cars to be extra vigilant following a spate of wheel thefts in the George Town area.

Shortly after 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, 30 October, police received a report that two men were attempting to steal car parts from a garage premises in Seymour Drive, George Town.

“As officers responded to the location they saw a Honda Civic drive off from the scene at speed. The officers signalled the driver of the Civic to stop but he failed to do so. The officers continued to follow the car,” a police spokesperson said.

“The Civic then drove into School Road where it crashed into a lamppost. The driver ran off from the scene but the passenger, a 19-year-old man, was arrested on suspicious of theft.”

“A search of the vehicle uncovered a number of car parts including a bumper, headlights and indicator. Police enquiries have confirmed that these items had been stolen from Outpost Street earlier in the night.”

Chief Inspector Frank Owens is once again urging car owners to be vigilant following the recent spate of car part thefts, and asks that anyone who sees any suspicious vehicles or activity contacts the police.

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