Premier looking for long term economic growth

The ForCayman Investment Alliance with Dart is just one avenue government is exploring to stimulate the economy.

The Honourable Premier McKeeva Bush says government doesn’t want immediate results alone, but long term economic growth.

Last week, government and Dart started their road show, explaining their ForCayman Investment Alliance to the public.

“It’s more medium – seven years and then longer. But I think that we ought to be doing long term planning and that’s what we’re doing – sustainable long term planning,” Mr. Bush said.

Dart will extend the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, swapping 32.5 acres of land in West Bbay with government, redevelop the Courtyard Marriot to a four or five star hotel and closing a section of the West Bay Road and extending the Seven Mile Public Beach from Raliegh Quay to Governor’s Way.

Mr. Bush says in the grand scheme of things it’s a deal he’s willing to defend.

“If government has to do something, then so be it because there’s not such a thing as something for nothing.”

The Dart partnership is a major part of government’s development agenda, but Mr. Bush says it’s not the “be all and end all.”

“I’m not pinning my entire hopes on it. That’s why we have several projects on the table,” including the Dr. Shetty hospital, Cayman Enterprise City, expansion of Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman airports, a cruise berthing facility in George Town and upgrading the Spotts dock.

Mr. Bush says he’s happy that government and Hon Cayman now have a deal to get Cayman Enterprise City up and running.

“They are saying that they are going to have some things done by the end of this year. So, I think now that we have it signed, we just have to give them working room to get their things done.”

While he’s willing to be patient, Mr. Bush says he’s eager to get these projects going.

“The important thing is to get something in the ground here that’s not just going to be a short term and give people jobs by it’s going to add long term sustainability to the islands.”

That’s what he’s pinning his hopes on.

Dr. Shetty’s team announced this week that it is ready to start work later this year in East End on their medical tourism facility. The health city is being built on the site originally proposed for the now abandoned East End port project.

Cayman 27’s Ben Meade reports.

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