Referendum debate on The Panel (segment 3)

The battleground over the referendum takes shape. The Premier has called a national referendum slated for July 18th. The question: do you support an electoral system of single member constituencies with each elector being entitled to cast only one vote?

But it turns out the question is not as simple as that.

As legislators and concerned citizens begin to draw their battle lines, new questions arise.
What does changing the current voting system mean to the country, exactly how many voters will it take to effect the change detractors of the current mixed system want and where do Cayman Brac and Little Cayman fit in all of this?

The debate gets under way on The Panel.

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  • Jane

    Please don’t send Mr. Rolston Anglin on another debate he takes up all the time and don’t give the others chance to talk. He never answered the questions that were ASKED!
    Mr Rolston needs to realized that young people are the future of the country how can he even say they have have time to vote at the END, bc saying their vote don’t count.
    Its time for our young people to be treated equally politically and in general.
    Its time for a change…….

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