Big Story: Solomon and Miller argue referendum points

There is just one week left until the July 18th referendum and both sides will no doubt be trying to convince over 15,000 voters why they should or shouldn’t want single member constituencies.

In this 27 Tonight segment, UDP General Secretary and Backbencher Ellio Solomon and North Side MLA Ezzard Miller joins Cayman 27’s Tammi Sulliman to argue their points.

  • Jordanian

    People look at those 2 MLA wich one look and driss and talk as a leader
    God help people in north Sid . Mr Solomon you don great things for the caymanians
    Thanks you mr Solomon . Keep the good work you do for cayman . God bless you mr Solomon and god bless the caymanian people
    Amjed the Jordanian

  • Anonymous

    Well done Mr. Solomon, some excellent points raised and addressed. Your argument was clear and accurate. The only argument from Mr. Miller is he would not get elected. I think the people have seen enough and are now quite certain that Mr. Millers only concern is that he might not be re-elected to office or have the opportunity to be Premier. What REALLY makes me angry is the bills/expences Mr. Miller has caused this country to incur. The loss in revenues to government and to the private sector. The 300,000 dollars it will take for the government to hold a referendum and declair a public holiday could be spent to help people in need, all as a result of Mr. Miller’s MAD RAVINGS, this man is out of control, he makes me sick, and needs to be stopped. How can One man, answerable to 500 person’s in the district of North Side make the other 54,000 voters suffer for his foolishness is beyond me. I wonder who the fools truely are, us for letting him continue this far, our him.

  • Jen

    Well said Elio, I hope the people do realize United We Stand and Divided We Fall

  • Libertarian

    Ellio need to understand that the minority must have a voice in the legislature just like the majority, and that is why the country must be divided into more constituencies, not less. The one person one vote system with 18 single member constituencies, would break the power of the majority into 18 times and this will allow the minority of each district to have more representation. So I agree with Ezzard on his point of disenfranchizing North Side. If you follow Ellio’s suggestion you will end up having the tyranny of full majority rule, cutting off the Sister Islands and people in the outer districts who would be in the minority. People, real democracy is not mob rule. That is why the U.S. Founding Fathers in their wisdom implemented a bicameral legislature where you have the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both houses were to serve as a check against majority rule.

  • Anonymous

    We do not need to carve the country into smaller pieces. The Ezzard’s of the OMOV are only fooling the people, we have that system in place now, we do not need to change a thing. Why don’t the people who are for the OMOV go out and vote for one person and let the rest who want their current voting system in place to vote for their one, two, three or four candidates. Why should the majority of voters have to give up their votes for the few who cry equality and want to vote for only one candidate I say, go out and vote for one person only. Why force the government to go to such an added expense when the country can ill afford it. Next you will cry how government is spending the people’s money. Oh pardon me, you are already crying this.

  • Libertarian

    Anonymous, are there reasons for your argument? As far as I know, UDP is not representing the people. They are representing Dart and big shots who they feel can save Cayman’s economy whilst they are doing nothing for small local businesses. The Bodden Town MLAs have shown to Bodden Towners on the issue of the dump that they are not representing them, but for the “For Cayman Alliance.” There is plent enough evidence that we NEED more representation! You must be blind because you are for a party and have a loyalty for the Premier that I am afraid extends beyond your reason. You say we “cry equality and want to vote for only one candidate” I just hope people read through your lines and see the kind of person you are. You are statist! And you are against a fair, equal, and true democracy. You are the sole reason why people should vote “YES” to the OMOV

  • C.Bush

    Please Cayman don’t listen to All theHOG WASH about the omov is pure hate for the Premier and the UDP government. it is not about helping us the Caymanian people. I would like to see the people go to The Millers, Hunters, Pantons, Ebanks, while they live in their fancy Houses in Patrick Island for help e.g food, water bill, help for school children I could go on and on. THESE RICH TYCOONS doln’t KNOW US.

    PLEASE CAYMAN iSLANDS VOTE ” NO” TO one man one vote. We want to keep our Demoratic rights. The Lilly.

  • pamala

    Way to go Ezzard, you hang in there. Ellio is too young to understand the dynamics of democracy. One problem with Cayman, we do not have enough educated people in politics.

  • anonymous

    Computer Scientists and engineers say that “ THERE IS NO TRUE VOTING UP OR DOWN BUTTON ON the Internet! And that there is always tampering for political reasons. For politicians on news media and other social websites that is now an absolute truth. Some nonprofits are now using a nifty tool to capture not so positive or regrettable comments on internet. So don’t be deceived by the number of votes for or against a post designed to urge people to like or dislike government, or the opposition; against individuals seeking to share the truth with you, it just does not work. Special interest moderators will interfere with local politics try to smear the people who speak truth, they manipulate or by rigging the voting buttons in a forum. to swing voters in one of two directions! Truth is a threat to their agenda!
    ON JULY 18th VOTE “NO”

    A Trip down Reality Avenue on Memory Lane:-



  • Apprentice

    A National Vote?! You crazy! So I would have to vote 18 times?! And what happens when all 18 are from George Town or West Bay?! Then what?! Who will stand for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman?! You guys amaze me! Addicted to the UDP pipe!

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