Premier: Results will not be held as advisory

Premier McKeeva Bush says results of the Referendum will not be held as advisory.

Mr. Bush made the announcement when he addressed his supporters at the United Democratic Party headquarters at Alista Towers Wednesday night.

The law states the referendum had to pass the magic number, which it didn’t, so it is binding.

So in spite of the no votes losing to those who voted yes, Mr. Bush is still calling the results a victory.

  • CIDolly

    Don’t worry – when May 2013 comes – those resounding votes clearing out all UDP members will be binding too!

  • annonymous

    He is delusional.

  • Caymanian

    Thank you Premier. If 1/3 of registered voters voted Yes, I don’t see why he should disregard the 2/3 of voters who voted No or stayed home. Enough with the politics! Let’s get back to work on our economy.

  • concerned

    I am so sick and tired of people who don’t do anything but complain. Instead of putting their minds to solving problems they are only getting in the way of anything government wants to do. To members of the PPM, if you really want to get elected, bring solutions, ideas, plans, etc. to the table. But for heavens sake, stop the sour grapes, accusations and complaints! Please consider that your rants are always seen by outsiders who see your foolishness in the media. I live here too!

  • Anonymous

    It is time to move on and get down to the serious work of running the country. They NOs clearly have it.

    • annonymous

      I think the NO’s were just too lazy to vote.

  • Cayman

    Cidolly not today boboo.

  • GaGa

    Cayman 27 stop telling lies1

    There are l5,000 registered voters.

    The majority of people DO NOT WANT single member constituency!

    There’s a big difference between 5,000 and 15,000?!

  • Paweł Hunter

    U should finally became independent ….. and take your future seriously…not under Uk mother !!!

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