Real estate concerns over tax

Real estate brokers are monitoring the tax situation closely. Agent James Bovell says he’s already seeing the fallout in the market from the government’s expats only tax proposal.

Cayman 27′s Tammi Sulliman has the report.

  • anonymouos


    Can you provide a truthful and clear cut contract cancelled deal with signatures not forged to prove that this is true. No payroll measely tax of %10 is going to scare away investors.


  • anonymouos

    James Bovell,

    I am surprised at your scaremongering.

  • anonymouos

    I know this is all a big lie. betweeen June and September October sales are always down in
    real estate worldwide. Parents are putting kids in college, paying tuition , on vation,
    this is a big lie.

    James, say you’re sorry, Travers you too.

  • anonymouos

    Such a joke to see James and his expat group of directors on the front page of
    Caycompass! Scaremongering at its best.

    I worked in real estate for years, how is it that I can prove you are all liars?!

    Globally, Real Estates Sales ARE ALWAYS DOWN from June to September/October of every year! Monies go to vacation, college/university tuition, school books/supplies and so….
    What calendar is CIREBA USING” I noticed Kim Lund is staying far from this propaganda for fear of being looked upon as really spooky! Kim you are smart, the others are taking the risk of being called ball faced liars that they all are.

    So where did James Bovell and Associates get this prefabricated lie which is pure propaganda about losing millions in sales and thousands in “stamp duties”! which you always by pass?”

    you guys never stop you really think everyone living here or born here is really stupid and can’t see right through you. You’re all a pack of pirates! PAY YOUR FEE 10%

    And be happy to do so! You’ve all been blessed.

  • Jordanian

    The should buy ticket and go home if her not good
    Love it our leave it

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