Big Story: Tax future uncertain

Cabinet Minister Rolston Anglin confirms government is looking at alternatives to the controversial Community Enhancement Fee.

While the Minister says the 10% payroll tax for work permit holders is not a done deal, sources also tell Cayman 27 that government will likely take the CEF off the table. While there are no firm details yet as to what the other sources of revenue are, sources tell Cayman 27 government is looking at the financial industry for some of the $50M needed in revenue to satisfy the UK the budget is sustainable. Cayman 27 understands government decided to revist the idea after a meeting Thursday night.

Government made the announcement last week that work permit holders will have to pay 10% of their salary if they make $36,000 a year and over.

Some people say they are shocked government would make the bold step of crossing the line to enforce direct taxation via one’s income.

Cabinet Minister Rolston Anglin joins Cayman 27’s Tammi Sulliman to discuss the decision to make this move.

  • NJ2Cay

    I’d have to say that he does make a valid point. Over the past few years the UDP has brought several potential revenue generating proposals forward all of which have been largely opposed to by the opposition as well as the people. Basically every idea they mentioned the people said NO. I’ve said this plenty of times that if you keep fighting against upwardly mobile development that would bring in money it would mean direct taxation in the end.

    This is just the start, unless an alternative is found and people stop B$^*hing about everything this will happen and the landscape of Cayman will forever change.

    A lot of Caymanians may want that but see how happy they are when they have to pay for it.

  • michcay

    The leaders of this Islands need to seek the kingdom of GOD, Jesus is the only one can fix these Islands. He is waiting on us to put these Islands in his hands back.

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