WestStar provides info on preparing for Isaac

As WestStar TV and Cayman 27 prepare for impending weather from Tropical Storm Isaac, officials want to remind cable customers to follow safety recommendations and prepare early. A few simple steps can ensure family members are safe and speed up restoring service after a storm.

  • If power is lost, unplug set top boxes and move them to a safe, dry location.
  • Do not attempt to remove towers or antennas. If you have concerns about your tower, please call Customer Care at 745-5555 before a storm watch is declared.
  • Tune in to Cayman 27 for regular updates on the storm’s progress, news from Hazard Management, the National Weather Service, and shelter information, as well as cable channel 24, which will have automatic updates from Accuweather.
  • Log onto www.cayman27.com.ky which will be operated off-site in a shelter-type facility to try to ensure communication regarding any storm is updated as often as possible. Cayman 27 BBM alerts and e-newsletters will also be sent out as updates are available. Click here to sign up for the e-newsletter
  • After the all clear is given plug your set top boxes back in and report any faults to Customer Care at 745-5555. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself.

The cable and broadcast operations have a large back-up generator and critical equipment is housed in a category 5-rated building to keep service up as long as possible. Teams and equipment have been mobilized to begin repairs once the all clear is given.

WestStar and Cayman 27 are committed to providing the best service possible and recognize the important role a communications organisation plays during an emergency.


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