Car washing woes

One business man says he is concerned about the image mobile car washes are putting on car parks in Cayman. Joey Ebanks, who is the owner of Auto Spa, says though mobile car washing business’ are convenient to customers it is creating some problem.

“There is no city in North America that you can find cars being washed in a public parking lot, government offices, banks, the corporate George Town and we have smart people on this island and I know that they’re not thinking about what I’m concerned about the environment and the image,” said Mr. Ebanks.

Mobile car washes are all about making life easier for motorists, but Mr. Ebanks says sometimes the community needs to think about more than their convenience. “You get people coming off cruise ships down town and there walking around and there is somebody washing a car with a power wash in a parking lot that’s just, its not right.”

But for one mobile car wash employee Desmond Cornwall, this job is his life.

“Cars and cleaning cars are a part of life, sometimes you have a car and you don’t have the time to clean it or you don’t have the strength to clean it so if somebody can clean it for you that’s a good thing,” said Mr. Cornwall.

He says this service was set up for the convenience of those who need it and he added whatever the car cleaning service you use it’s all about the glisten you see at the end.

Cayman 27′s Jade Webster has this story.

  • Caymanresident

    Not sure about the USA but it is quite common to have car washes in parking garages in Europe. Often the operators will ask you to park in a certain part of the multi-story while you go shopping. When you come back the car is washed.
    Brent Cross Shopping Center in NW London England springs immediately to mind.
    It is hardly surprising though that the owner of a car wash would criticise his competition.

  • Anonymous

    Quit your whining! We have bigger fish to fry!

  • JP

    How surprising is this that he would complain because his business isn’t as successful as the mobile car washes? The quality and service of the Auto Spa (not to mention the ridiculous skyrocketing prices that seem to go up every month) has been going downhill for some time. I used to take my car there every Friday but I would rather make my 7 year old daughter clean my car instead as I know she would do a better job. The swirls on all of the glass, the draining of water from the trunk, doors not dried properly etc.

    Now when I pay a MOBILE CAR WASH $25 to have my car cleaned, it looks so good that I don’t even want to drive it, thus why I always give the guy a $5 tip.

    So quit complaining and improve the quality of your business!!!

  • TLE

    Wonder how “concerned about the environment and image of the island” he would be if he wasn’t in the car wash business. Yes, Mr. Ebanks, we are smart people which is why we can see right through your thin and deceitful veil.

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